Next Abortion Showdown: This Time in Ohio

Texas isn't the only state with reproductive rights restrictions running amok.

Women in Ohio have taken calls to #StandWithWendy literally: Almost 100 pink- and red- wearing abortion rights activists have gathered outside the Capitol in Columbus, gearing up for a fight over a set of restrictions attached to the state budget.

Passage of this particular legislation would–for a start–cut support to Planned Parenthood, close most clinics, and redirect funds to so-called "crisis pregnancy centers." Oh, and that's not even to mention Ohio's additional giant anti-abortion bill that would mandate that doctors take an ultrasound before the procedure, which–get this–women would have to pay for themselves.

Social media calls for support went up early this morning, asking supporters to contact Ohio Governor John Kasich.

This time, hashtags to follow include: #StandWithOHWomen, #veto4women, and #OHleg. Here we go again!

You can catch the live stream here.

(Image: Planned Parenthood Ohio)