Will Kristen Stewart Have A Music Career?

Kristen Stewart, a musician? It could happen! After all, Stewart is known for making her own rules. In a recent video for Nylon, Stewart opened up about pursuing a career in music. "I've always really liked playing guitar and stuff, but I've really started playing music a lot [this past year]," she said. "That's always been intimidating for me."

In a world where many celebrities are multi-hyphenates, it's refreshing to hear Stewart speak candidly about transitioning from one vocation to another. She admitted that it's a challenge to shift away from one thing she's known for doing well.

"If you're good at one thing and from a young age, it's like, 'Well, that's what you're good at,'" she said. "It's hard to step out of that and explore other things because you're like, 'No, that's what I do.'"

It's understandably intimidating, but I think that Stewart would make a pretty stellar musician. She's got the talent, the attitude, the stage presence and that oh-so-elusive x-factor. However, if she needs an extra boost of confidence, I'm here to help. Here are seven reasons why Stewart should take the plunge and give being a rock star a try.

1. We Know She Can Sing

Remember when she sang in Into the Wild?

2. But Here's Another Reminder

From that time she played Joan Jett in the Runaways.

3. Joan Jett Worked With Her On Guitar

Stewart even mirrored the way Jett plays.

4. Her Life Provides So Much Inspiration

She's traveled the world and starred in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. Surely she has some solid inspiration.

5. Her Hair Is Rock Star-Ready

I mean, seriously, does it get any cooler?

6. She's Got A Rebellious Side

Perfect for a rock star.

7. She'd Change Things Up

From her style to her characters, Stewart is a game-changer.

Images: Paramount (screenshot); Giphy (5)