6 Korean Fashion Designers You Should Know

Considering K-beauty skincare products are growing in global popularity, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Korea is showing signs of a rising growth in the fashion industry as well. In order to keep up with Korea's trends, there are three Korean fashion designers you should know, according to CNN: Munsoo Kwon, J Koo, and Suecomma Bonnie. Munsoo Kwon and J Koo were both selected to represent Asia on a global scale for the International Woolmark Prize. The IWP is an international competition that was created in order to find rising designers from all over the world.

The IWP first begins with multiple representatives for various regions around the world such as, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Next, each region is narrowed down to a single finalist. Each finalist then competes against each other in the global competition. You can bet that these designers are pretty darn talented to have made it this far.

For this reason, you should definitely keep an eye out for Munsoo Kwon and J Koo , as they could possibly be competing in the finals! Munsoo Kwon's designs uniquely detailed menswear and his Fall/Winter collection for this year has an adorable concept theme of "Can't sleep count sheep." Filled with countless prints of z's and pinstripes, Munsoo Kwon's sleepy time concept looks perfect for the upcoming colder seasons.

Just look at that detailing on the fog.

As for the other candidate who is also representing Asia, J Koo is known for beautifully design-balanced women's wear. I really love J Koo's simplicity in color choices as well as the pattern designs.

Labor Day outfit inspo? I think yes. That pleated midi skirt is so chic.

Flawless color blocking skills.

This has got to be my favorite pattern from J Koo's Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

And I can't forget the honorable mention, Suecomma Bonnie. Her sleek silhouettes and pop-art-like designs have grab the attention of various Korean celebrities and her shoes can be commonly seen being worn in New York and London.

It's like a Nike Air Max and an Air Force 1 had a baby. Ugh, I love it.

Grey suede peep-toe sandals? Talk about fall essential. I can't wait to follow up on the International Woolmark Prize.

If you're smitten with these amazing designs, here are 3 other established Korean fashion designers you should get to know.

1. Beyond Closet

Vogue likens Beyond Closet's Taeyong Ko's designs to that of Alexander Wang and Acne Studios. So, in other words, it's modern, minimalist perfection. Beyond Closet started as a menswear line, but quickly transitioned into a unisex brand due to the fact that a majority of its customers were women.

2. General Idea

General Idea is already huge across Asia, so it's only a matter of time until it crosses overseas to America. According to Complex, it's "high fashion meets everyday gear," filled with bright colors, clean aesthetics, and a super cool vibe.

3. Yong Kyun Shin

If you're into futuristic designs and wearing what Bjork wears, then you'll definitely be a fan of Yong Kyun Shin. His gorgeous pieces are crafted from leather, light fabric, metal, and lace, so it's perfect for the tough, yet feminine woman, AKA ALL OF US.