These Gay Rights Memes Will Make Everything Better

It's been a big year for the LGBTQ community. With rapid roller coaster shifts in public policy and correlating social responses, gay rights advocates in particular have run the gamut from victorious to downtrodden and back again, albeit slightly annoyed. With the Supreme Court's June 26 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, which legalized same-sex marriage, things have finally started looking up. But the tide of equally aggressive anti-gay sentiment that came with it has been less enjoyable, and recently, a bevy of state employees have even taken it upon themselves to make things even more frustrating by denying same-sex couples their legal rights under federal law. Thankfully, we'll always have memes — specifically these gay rights memes that make everything a little better (or at least keep you laughing long enough to ignore that bigoted Facebook rant that your friend's mom just posted).

Instead of replying to your aunt's sad Jesus post by replying that "Jesus probably would have been cool with the LGBTQ community," or attempting to defend your well-researched points regarding the historical origins of non-heterosexual relationships on an Internet comment board (please, god — never read the comments section), you can whip out one of these hilarious babies instead and give yourself a good laugh.

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