Luann & Carole Get Nasty On The 'RHONY' Reunion

I knew this was going to come up eventually, but even with a three-part Real Housewives of New York City reunion, Luann de Lesseps and Carole Radziwill wasted no time in getting to their argument about dating younger men that they have drawn out all season. Luann and Carole never agreed about Carole dating Adam Kenworthy, who is about 20 years her junior and used to date Luann's niece. However, the debate over whether or not to date younger men reached a new, ugly level during Tuesday night's RHONY reunion.

Basically, Luann continued to say how inappropriate Carole's relationship was but at a louder volume and with some new, scandalous details, too. Amid the voices of eight women and one Andy Cohen trying to keep it all together, it was a little difficult to pinpoint exactly what Luann finds so offensive about Carole dating a younger man, especially since she has long been rumored to have a boytoy or two during her time on RHONY. But here are the few things that it really boils down to for Luann.

For one, she says Adam was still seeing her niece Nicole when he started going out with Carole, so it was a family issue for her. Secondly, the Countess espoused that younger men are nice to keep around, but you can't date them. That's just wrong. By the way, I really hope Luann discusses that little nugget of wisdom in her next book on etiquette. Finally, Luann thought it was in poor taste for Carole to pick up someone who was working for her (Adam was serving as Luann's personal chef when he and Carole met at the Countess' house).

Carole didn't agree with anything that Luann said. She defended her decision to begin dating Adam because he and Nicole had been broken up for a year. She also thought Luann was being a complete hypocrite about dating younger men because she's apparently constantly hooking up with twenty-somethings. One of those was Eric, the guy who escorted her to the restroom when the ladies were at the club early on this season, and the other was Alistair, who was apparently a 21-year-old Luann skinny dipped with in Turks and Caicos.

Luann didn't exactly deny this, saying instead that she doesn't date or sleep with younger men on a regular basis, so it's all right in her book. I really wanted Kristen Takeman to stand up, wave her hands, and reprise this gem from the Season 6 RHONY reunion.

Since Luann didn't really keep her argument focused, showing that she's really grasping at straws to prove her point, and she made such clearly hypocritical and nonsensical statements about hooking up with younger dudes, I have to declare Carole the winner of this round. But, I'm very confident this won't be the last we hear of this feud, so I'm eager to see what ammunition Luann brings for round two.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (2)