Images Of A Pink iPhone 6s Have Leaked

I pretty much came out of the womb obsessed with the color pink, so nobody is more excited at the prospect of a pink colored iPhone 6s than I am. Hello Kitty is going to have to back her adorable self up, because if I am not the first one in line then somebody is going feel the full wrath of my cotton candy bubblegum heart. Alas, I have to keep my excitement a bit in check — there isn't any official confirmation about the existence of these iPhones from Apple yet. The images were leaked on the Chinese site Daliulian yesterday, and although they look pretty legit, there are wizards on the internet who are much more adept with photoshopping than plebes like me.

If they are real, they are, in one word that I kind of hate myself for using, ADORBS. It's not the same peppy, in-yo-face pink of the iPhone 5 version, but rather more of a "rose gold" color (that I'm pretty sure will match everything I own, including my human soul). The only downside is that there isn't one. Everybody wins. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes and organs that this is a Real Thing, because LOOK HOW PRETTY:

I can basically hear my current iPhone crying because it took one look at these pics on my browser and knew it was about to get hella replaced, should these actually be available with the iPhone 6s, set to drop September 9. (Yes, I am that vain. Apple found its target audience for this and it is ME.)

Aside from being unspeakably precious, MacRumors reports that iPhone 6s will supposedly also have Force Touch feature already implemented on the Apple Watch, which makes taps more sensitive to pressure. It's expected to make fingerprint recognition more efficient, as well as prevent unnecessary swiping and tapping. A new outer shell and reinforcements will also prevent the iPhone 6s from bending. (Although they can't guarantee that this awesome new color won't ~bend your mind~. OK, I am the worst for that. Moving on.)

Again, none of this is technically official, but please for the love of Sailor Moon and all that is holy, LET IT BE. For more about what to expect from the iPhone 6s, here's a video with predictions below:

Images: Pexels