K. Stew & Taylor Lautner Are Still Total Besties

I know it's been literal years since the final movie of the Twilight franchise came out, but to anyone out there who is still Team Jacob, know this: Kristen Stewart brought Taylor Lautner as her date to the American Ultra premiere on Tuesday night and it was everything Twihards could've wished for. (YAAASS away, my friends. YAAASS away.) The former co-stars may not be romantically linked (Stewart is currently said to be dating Alicia Cargile), but do they really need to be when they're clearly best friends for life? The answer to that is an obvious no, and there is plenty of proof out there that Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are #FriendshipGoals to the max.

Ultimately, being Team Jacob (or shipping the S.S. Taysten) doesn't necessarily have to mean that fans think that the actors should get together romantically. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that everyone should be shipping the pair as friends, just because they're flat-out adorable together and total proof that things don't have to get awkwardly sexual in order to be considered ship-worthy. Theirs is a friendship as hard and as solid and as six-pack-y as T. Laut's abs (sorry) and you should probably check out some of their best moments below. Long live Taysten.

1. When She Said "I Smile Around You"

When Lautner asked Stewart how he's similar to his Twilight character Jacob, the notoriously closed-off actress flashed a huge grin (shock gasp) and said, "I smile around you." ALL THE FEELS. (That cuteness starts at 0:25, but the whole compilation vid is filled with #Taysten's best moments).

2. When They Attended A Sam Smith Concert Together

Because there is no purer form of friendship than crying during a Sam Smith show. Bonus points if you hang with him afterwards.

3. When She Pretended To Fight Him

Just like their Twilight characters. Omg.

4. When They Interacted Like ~This~ While Receiving An Award

Anddddd I'm done.

5. When They Looked At Each Other Like They Already Knew What The Other One Was Thinking

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's that vampire-to-wolf telepathy or something.

6. When He Comforted Her After Robert Pattinson's Engagement

A source told HollywoodLife that after K. Stew's ex got engaged to FKA Twigs, "[Taylor] already reached out to her to offer support and to remind her that it’s out of her control and not to beat herself up about the past." Let's take this one with a grain of salt, but considering the two are close friends, it's not surprising that he'd be there for her no matter what the situation.

7. And, Of Course, When They Proved They're Still Besties After All These Years

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because true friendship does not end with Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

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