3 New Ways To Find Wedding Decor

If you're looking for wedding ceremony and reception decorations, you can certainly look in the usual places like discount stores, Save On Crafts, Oriental Trading Company, and more. But there are three new amazing types of marketplaces popping up everywhere that any couple getting married and on the search for some decor for their wedding reception or ceremony should know about — wedding consignment shows, wedding flea markets, and Facebook groups solely devoted to buying and selling wedding-related items.

What makes these new ways of buying wedding decorations so amazing is that each spot offers engaged couples tons of used and sometimes new wedding decor options to choose from. In many online and discount stores, wedding decor usually makes up a percentage of what's available, so you have to search through everything else that's available as well. However, when you go with one of these new routes to find wedding decor, every single item is wedding related. Since engaged couples have lots of to-do list items vying for their attention, I love that each of these marketplaces helps them make the best use of their time.

Another reason I love these new places to find wedding decor is that they are super green — both in earth-loving and wallet-friendly ways. Since the vast majority of decor is recycled or was purchased but never used, it's great for the environment (think less cheap decor being made in China), and it's often less expensive than buying at other places (think more money in your pocket).

So if you're looking for ways to avoid overspending on wedding expenses, here are a few tips for buying wedding decor that you'll definitely want to check out. All of them are great options for couples who are DIY-ing their wedding to save money, and are looking for some ideas and items to help.

1. Wedding decor consignment shows

Wedding decor consignment shows are feasts for the eyes, as well as great places to get some wedding decor inspiration. At a wedding decor consignment show, event planners and stylists choose decor that they feel has good resale value, and then hold an event to showcase the decor at its finest. They then set the decor up to showcase its potential, and organize it so that similar items (such as decor for beach weddings, decor for rustic weddings, etc.) are grouped together.

I recently attended one of these to help a good friend find decor for her beach wedding, and we were able to snag some large sand dollar table numbers and small easel stands to hold them for under $30. She has 17 tables at her wedding, so these high-end table numbers and stands were under $2 per a table. A pretty good deal!

2. Wedding decor flea markets

Wedding decor flea markets are similar to wedding consignment shows, but the major difference is that couples sell their decor directly to each other. A newly married couple may purchase a table at a flea market, and then will set up their goods however they see fit. Rather than having all the decor grouped into different styles like at a wedding consignment show, you may find different items that you're interested in spread out from table to table across the flea market. A big upside to buying directly from other couples is that it's much easier to make an offer and negotiate price than at a consignment show.

3. Facebook groups

Facebook allows wedding decor flea markets to run online 24/7, and with thousands of buyers and sellers. To find a group that runs a flea market in your area, simply do a search on Facebook. Many groups are closed, so you need to request to join them. Once in, each group has its own guidelines and etiquette about buying and selling wedding decor through the group. Sellers post pictures and asking prices of their wedding decor goods, and then interested buyers make bids either in the comments or through private messaging. The groups end up feeling like a cross between eBay and Craigslist, and the buying and selling process is much faster than what you'll see anywhere else online.

So whether you're looking for wedding centerpieces, aisle runners, or wedding photo booth alternatives, make sure your first stop is one of these new wedding decor hot spots.

Images: Cronin Hill Photography ; Pixabay/pixelia; Pixabay/StartupStockPhotos