Chandler & Ross Were A Bromance Built To Last

The way I see it, there are two types of friendships in college. There's the kind that exists strictly on social media and consists of a few "liked" photos here or there. (Maybe also an occasional birthday message if you see the Facebook reminder.) But other than that, you hardly ever communicate. Then there's the kind of college friendship that goes on to last a lifetime. Not only do you try to get together as much as possible, but you actually feel like an extended member of each other's families. And under very special circumstances, you even become an actual member of the family, which was exactly the case for two very lovable Friends characters, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller.

Not only did these two friends manage to remain close after college, but Chandler (as you all know) went on to marry Ross' sister, Monica, which officially made them brothers. So while it's true that Chandler and Joey eventually become roommate BFFs, there are times throughout the series where Chandler and Ross are the far superior bromance in this Central Perk group. Don't believe me? Just look back on these epic moments and see for yourself. Could they BE any more adorable?

1. The One Where Ross Brought Chandler Home For Thanksgiving

Unfortunate hair and wardrobe choices aside, it was really sweet of Ross to invite his college buddy to Thanksgiving so that he wouldn't be alone for the holidays. That's some ride-or-die level stuff there.

2. The One Where Chandler Learned The Hug 'n Roll

"Hug for her, roll for you." It's the best anti-cuddling solution out there, folks, and one that Ross was happy to impart on his dear friend.

3. The One Where Chandler Is Santa

When Chandler heard that Ross couldn't find a Santa costume to wear for Ben, he took it upon himself to borrow one so that his friend's child could have the Merry Christmas he deserved. It's a small gesture, but signifies just how meaningful their friendship truly is.

4. The One With The Arm Wrestling

Even though both of them were equally strong (or perhaps they were both equally weak), Chandler let Ross come out as the victor, knowing that it would help him save face in front of his girlfriend, Mona. Take notes, folks, because this is the stuff true friendships are made of.

5. The One With The Fake Wedding Photos

When they can't find Monica and Chandler's wedding photos, Ross suggests that they put their tuxes back on and try to reenact the night as best they can. And while the plan itself is fairly flawed, it shows how willing they are to help each other out of a jam. #brotherinlawgoals

6. The One With The Road Trip

Because friends don't let friends go on romantic weekend trips to Vermont all by themselves.

7. The One Where They Synchronized Their Gestures & Outfits

It's somehow absurd and adorable all at the same time. I love you both. Please, never change.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (5); f-centralperk/Tumblr