14 Things Only LSU Students Understand

From the purple-and-gold traditions on the storied campus, to Louisiana food and culture, to top-quality faculty and staff, there's a lot to be proud to be a Louisiana State University student. Living in Louisiana, LSU students are used to being asked weird questions from people who have only learned about our state and culture from reality TV shows. No, we don’t take a boat to class. Yes, we eat alligator and crawfish. No, we don’t all have Southern accents. Yes, the football team is good.

There’s a lot more to going to LSU student than Greek life and football. I graduated from LSU and wasn’t a part of a sorority or an avid football fan, and I had an amazing academic and on-campus experience. With big, gorgeous oak trees, inspiring professors, thriving student life, working in campus media and dancing my butt off at the occasional '80s Night at Spanish Moon, I had a fabulous college experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

There’s so much more to this legendary campus than ESPN or some swamp reality show would report. We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to bring you 14 things that only a true LSU student/ alum would understand!

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1. Yes, We Get A School Break For Mardi Gras.

You don’t?

2. You’ve Kissed At Memorial Tower On Valentine’s Day.

And you enjoyed it, even though it was a little cheesy.

3. You Are Mourning The Loss Of The Louie’s Mural.

The Daily Reveille on YouTube

Even though the beach scene never totally made sense for a Baton Rouge diner, you’re probably crying over your Big Cheesy Lou and jalapeño hash browns about the new building.

4. You Have Been Late To Class (Or Missed Class) Because There Was Nowhere To Park.

This was after battling Baton Rouge traffic.

5. You Know That Other Places Don’t Really Understand Tailgating

To do it properly, you need a vat of jambalaya, an RV, and possibly a big-screen TV. Just saying.

6. Your Closet May Bleed Purple And Gold

You know how to rock a #LSUGameDay #OOTD.

7. You Have Heard Tall Tales About Underground Campus Tunnels.

And you've maybe even found one.

8. You Know There Is Life Off Campus, Too.

Whether you stick close to home on the North Gate, frequent The Radio Bar in Mid-City or treat yourself to a rooftop night at Tsunami downtown, you've ventured off campus and have become part of the Baton Rouge community.

9. You Probably Read The Morning Paper.

The LSU student newspaper The Daily Reveille is one of the highest circulated newspapers in the state. You’ve probably also been titillated by a few articles in Legacy, the campus magazine.

10. Dairy Store Ice Cream Is Unparalleled.

I mean, the cows are on campus. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

11. You May Have Been An Extra In Pitch Perfect.

Yes, the Bellas strutted around our campus. Don’t be too jealous.

12. You're Embarrassed About A Night Or Two In Tigerland Freshman Year.

Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you don’t.

13. You Know All The Game-Day Chants.

TexTeam777 on YouTube

Dun Dun Dun Dun …

14. You Hate Alabama.

Geaux Tigers!

Images: Giphy.com (5); Daniel Foster/Flickr; OliviaRuth; HemlineMandeville; CaitlynSarmiento/Instagram (1).