9 'Pitch Perfect' Trivia Facts You Didn't Know, From Burrito Mishaps To Cast Relationships

In case you've been living under a rock, Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters Friday, May 15. That means it is time to get excited, Barden Bellas fans. It has been three long years since the first Pitch Perfect film brilliantly turned Hollywood's outdated expectations upside down (women will go see a women-centric film in the summer? Shocker!), and since then, you've probably watched/rewatched the hilarious musical comedy a dozen times. However — even if you drop Fat Amy quotes on the daily and can sing along to every twist-filled song mashup featured in the movie, chances are there are some Pitch Perfect trivia facts even you don't know.

For instance, did you know the flirtatious Cynthia-Rose Adams (Ester Dean) had a behind-the-scenes role in making Pitch Perfect so awesome? Can you name the real college that the a cappella champs who made an appearance in the film are from? Do you know which adorable co-stars are dating in real life? No? Then it is time to brush up on your Pitch Perfect fun facts, so you can impress your friends with your superior pop culture knowledge while waiting in line for Pitch Perfect 2.

Lucky for you, I come bearing nine things every diehard Pitch Perfect fan should know. Brush up on your trivia now and feel like you "crushed it," a la Fat Amy, later.

1. Ester Dean Wrote "Super Bass"

Dean made her acting debut in Pitch Perfect as Cynthia-Rose, but her first love has always been music. After releasing "Drop it Low" with Chris Brown in 2009, Dean co-wrote songs for stars like Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, and R. Kelly. Possibly her biggest hit is Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." The chart-topping song was co-penned by Dean, and she also sings back-up vocals.

2. The University Of Virginia's Hallabahoos Appeared In The Film...

Remember the group singing "The Final Countdown" during the ICCA finals scene? Those guys are the (very successful) real life all-male a cappella group The Hallabahoos from The University of Virginia.

3. ...And They Were Part Of The 2008 Nonfiction Book Pitch Perfect Was Based On

If you thought the real life world of college a cappella groups could not possibly be as intense as Pitch Perfect makes it out to be, then you need to pick up writer Mickey Rapkin's Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory , pronto. The 2008 book, which chronicled the intense college extracurricular, provided the inspiration for the film — and, yes, featured The Hallabahoos.

4. Skylar Astin And Anna Camp Are Dating

On screen, we all love Beca and Jesse — but the real life couple of Astin and Camp is just as adorable.

5. Rebel Wilson Came Up With The Mermaid Dance

Wilson put her own spin on the character of Fat Amy thanks to her amazing improv skills, but perhaps her most expensive contribution to the film was her totally unexpected mermaid dance. In an interview with Screencrave, Wilson said, "When you’re filming and you have the tape marks, they usually use fluorescent tape. They were all over the concrete. So I went down and did the dancing and Jason wanted to use it in the movie, but there was all this tape, so they had to digital effect the tape out of the shot to be able to use it. I think it cost them thousands and thousands of dollars just to use that joke."

6. The Cast Went to LSU Tailgate Parties During Filming

I know I've daydreamed about what it would be like to hang out with so many amazing actresses all at once, and, all this time, it seems I should have just hung out at Louisiana State University: According to Hana Mae Lee (who portrays Lilly), in their downtime on the weekends, the cast would join tailgate parties at LSU.

7. Adam DeVine Hit A Cameraman In The Face With A Burrito

DeVine's not-so-lovable Boomer lobbed a burrito at Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, but the behind-the-scenes story went a little differently: DeVine told Vulture, he was told to aim for the camera... and he ended up hitting the cameraman right in the face.

8. Say Anything Was the Original '80s Movie Set To Get A Pitch Perfect Shout-Out, Not The Breakfast Club

Astin is basically John Cusack throughout Pitch Perfect, so it is not super shocking to find out the original script paid homage to Say Anything instead of The Breakfast Club .

9. Amy Poehler Could Have Played Gail

Elizabeth Banks is amazing as the weird and witty Gail, but Poehler would have rocked the role too — if only she would have accepted it. Oh, what might have been.

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