17 Times Luke Hemmings' Beard Gave 5SOS Fans Life

Attention 5 Seconds of Summer fans, you'll want to read this. For every fellow member of the 5SOS fam who can appreciate the embarrassing amount of thirst I have for Luke Hemmings' lip ring, we need to take a moment to discuss the sorcery that is Luke Hemmings' beard. Over the past few weeks, the 5SOS frontman's stubble has blessed us with its rapidly growing presence, gloriously gracing the cover of 5 Seconds of Summer's new book, stopping everyone's hearts at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, and being featured prominently at every recent promo event and performance the band has done. BLESS YOU, LUKE HEMMINGS' SCRUFF. BLESS YOU.

Fortunately for my this-is-probably-bordering-on-creepy infatuation with the 19-year-old's facial hair, 5SOS fans all across the world are equally as obsessed with Luke Hemmings' newly-minted beard as I am. In fact, Beard Luke stans have taken to Twitter in droves to detail their Luke-with-stubble-induced meltdowns in real time, making some of us (read: me) feel like we've finally found our people. And as long as Luke Hemmings continues to be proud of his beard, fans will continue to react accordingly. See for yourself.

1. When They Worshipped At The Altar Of Beard Luke

2. When They Were Seriously Worried About The State Of Their Health Upon Gazing At Such Magnificence

3. When They Needed To Seek Medical Attention ASAP

4. When It Actually Killed Them

5. ... Kind Of

6. When It Made Them Question Their Life Choices

7. When They Reacted Like This

8. When Their Sexual Orientation Was Luke's Beard

9. When This Happened And Luke Fans Everywhere Dug Themselves A Grave Because There Is No Way They're Surviving This

*dies* *comes back to life* *dies again*

10. When They Wanted To Marry It

11. When It Made Them Violent

12. When The Beard Got Violent Right Back

13. When It Reminded Them Of LOTR In The Best Way Possible

13. When They Had No Chill With Photoshop

14. When This Fan Was Basically Me

15. When This Fan Wanted To Throw A Party Celebrating Luke's Facial Hair

16. And When This Fan Had The Perfect Present To Bring

17. And Lastly, When Luke Just Goes Ahead And Tweets Stuff Like This