Which Selena Video Are These Stills From?

When I was watching Selena Gomez's music video for "Good For You" on Wednesday, I started getting a weird feeling of déjà vu — and not only because Selena Gomez had already released the video a month and a half earlier, and just added in A$AP Rocky. Nope, there was still something familiar about this footage, but I couldn't figure it out until I finished watching "Good For You," and the player went right into her next video. And then I saw it: it features Selena Gomez writhing on the floor. Which, as it turns out, is kind of a go-to move for her. I won't say she does it in every video — on account of I just went looking through a bunch of her videos where she didn't do it — but she does it a lot. A whole lot.

So much, in fact, that I grabbed some screenshots of all the scenes where she gets horizontal, and have put them together into a little quiz for you. I want you to see if you can match the image of Gomez writhing away down there with the video in which she did it. And, don't get too cocky, because there are some old favorites in there, too, not just new stuff. And of course, if you get stuck, you can scroll to the bottom, where there will be an answer key and the full videos.

Let's get guessing!

1. Snoozing In Flowers

You know, just taking a nap in bluebells, as you do.

2. Rolling Around As A French Maid

If you spend that much time on the floor, you might as well make sure it's clean!

3. Getting In Some Snuggles

We don't actually see Gomez in this shot, but, if the camera is her eyes, then she's sprawled out right next to this dude.

4. Chilling On My Couch, U?

This is me within 30 seconds of entering my apartment. Except less hot, and more Netflix.

5. Sunning On A Rock

There's a little lizard in all of us.

6. Living That Top Of The Piano Life

This all checks out.

7. The Incredible Melting Girl

Did you ever think that your jeans would be in better shape if you spent more time on your feet? Just a thought.

And there you have it! Proof that the ground is Selena Gomez's second home, especially when it comes to sexy writhing in her videos. I wish I could pull it off half as well as she does, but, when I do it, it just looks like I'm having a very calm tantrum. While I try desperately to get Gomez to teach me her ground writhing ways, let's see how many of the music videos you managed to guess.


#1 and #5. "Come & Get It"

#2. "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"

#3. "The Heart Wants What It Wants"

#4 and #7. "Good For You"

#6. "Love You Like A Love Song"

Images: SelenaGomezVEVO/YouTube (7)