Amanda Bynes Seems To Be On The Right Track

Amanda Bynes had one of the most dark and difficult times of her personal life go down in the public eye. We all witnessed her ramblings on social media and the times she would traipse around town wearing multi-colored wigs and facial piercings. No one truly knew what Amanda Bynes was going through, but rumors of mental illness and repeated stints at rehab centers have plagued the young actress for most of the last two years. While news of Bynes was steady in the celebrity news arena throughout most of 2014, she's been off the radar for a bit. But now, Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter and looks better and healthier than ever.

In December 2014, the former child star uploaded a photo to her Twitter account after a long hiatus and debuted a new brunette hair color, which many took as a sign of Bynes "turning over a new leaf." The only other activity from Bynes on her social media page since was a picture of a drawing she did in March.

Now, the She's The Man actress has posted a photo of herself blonde and smiling with fashion designer Michael Costello at the SOAR Los Angeles Gala. In the photo, Bynes sports long, platinum hair, and she looks genuinely happy, if I say so myself.

This is not the first time the 29-year-old has been spotted with Costello. The designer also posted a photo of his boyfriend, Jesse Castell, posing with Bynes at his capsule collection launch on July 23. Costello spoke to E! News about Bynes after the launch and said, "Our event planner is friends with her attorney, but I had no idea Amanda was such a huge, huge fan of my work. She was really cool and was super nice, and we talked a lot about fashion!" In fact, it seems like Bynes is finally pursuing her dreams of fashion design. He continued,

She is actually is going to come and do some designs and sew with me... I invited her to come over anytime she wants to use the sewing machines and I would teach her a little. She really liked that! We talked about her going to FIDM, and her sketches.

Last year, Bynes tweeted that she was planning on transferring to USC from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), but it is still unclear whether she is still enrolled in the fashion school or not. Either way, she has an interest in fashion design and seems to be taking the right steps in meeting people who can help put her on the right track.

In June, Bynes' attorney David Esquibias told Us Weekly that she was "doing great" and that "she appreciates all of the love and support she received from her family, friends, and fans." Looks like things are looking up for Amanda Bynes and I wish her all the luck.