When You're A Lady Who Lives To Cuss

I sincerely apologize for pulling the double standard card, but there is a stigma against women who swear (for damn sure), because it's much more rare that you wouldn't be upset by a man with a foul mouth. So if you're a woman who loves to cuss, you will definitely be able to relate to this BuzzFeed video. If you take relish in saying the F-word and all those other words I'm supposed to use only one letter to describe, this is your video and you need to effing cherish it. Not only will it make you feel better to know that you are not the only lady who is at her best when swearing like a sailor, but you’ll also take solace in the fact that BuzzFeed is so openly down to use the word motherf*cker so many times in one video. (Which is a happy realization for us all.)

If you’re a woman who loves to cuss, do it with pride. Whether the scenario requires swearing because something is pissing you off or you just happen to deem using curse words necessary, you have the right to make that call.

For the women who swear all the f*cking time and have no intention of stopping, here are a few scenarios you will recognize all too well. The four struggles you encounter as a woman who loves to cuss:

You Flip People Off A LOT

Because that's just how you express yourself.

And Then You Have To Think Of An Excuse When Other People Ask Why You're Flipping Them Off

Aaaaaand you come up short.

People Assume You're Unladylike, To Which You Reply

Which goes really well.

You Freak People Out

But quite honestly don't give a f*ck. Watch the whole video, because it's the best f*cking thing you'll see all day:

And go curse your heart out.

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