Will 'The Astronaut Wives Club' Return For Season 2? The ABC Series Could Be Launching Its Final Episode

If there was one new show worth paying attention to this summer, I'd say the frontrunner would have to be ABC's latest period drama The Astronaut Wives Club . Based on the book The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story, the series follows the lives of the Mercury Seven astronaut wives as they cope with the joys and sorrows that come with space life. But as much as I've enjoyed watching their storylines unfold, I fear that there won't be a Season 2 of The Astronaut Wives Club . Why? Well, creator Stephanie Savage has pretty much said so herself. "One of the things that sort of keeps coming up is there’s not a second season of this," she recently shared with Variety. (Not exactly a great indicator that a second season pick-up is in the works.) That being said, I wouldn't entirely lose all hope yet. After all, if a show gets enough buzz, it could always make a comeback either on the same network or find a new home elsewhere. (I'm looking at you, The Mindy Project!)

Sure, the ratings could be better and there isn't a whole lot of time left, especially since the Season 1 finale that's just hours away from airing. However, I'm trying my best to be an eternal optimist and think of the glass as being half full. Because while yes, the show has no immediate plans to come back for a second go-around, it's not entirely out of the question. (There's a reason the saying goes, "Never say never.") So just in case the network is even considering the possibility, here are a few reasons why it can and should stick around.

The Main Actresses Are All Still Available

Aside from a few projects here and there, the main Astronaut Wives stars have a relatively free schedule. This means they could be ready to be back on set soon since they don't really have any other obligations that'll get in there way. *fingers crossed*

There's Still So Much Story To Tell

Even if the plot exceeds the book, the writers and actresses have made these characters so rich and three-dimensional that I'd love to see the storyline head into a new and different terrain. Shows tend to take certain liberties when it comes to moving the plot forward on-screen, so, really, the show could go on for quite some time.

The Promo Refers To Episode 10 As The Season Finale

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The way I see it is, it ain't over until the promo guy refers to it as a series finale. Just saying!

So don't give up, folks. These ladies still have a fighting chance to launch their way into Season 2.

Images: Cook Allender/ABC; Bob D’Amico/ABC; yvonestrahovski/Tumblr