12 Awesome Astrid Farnsworth Quotes From 'Fringe'

Fringe may have aired its series finale a few years ago, but it is still regarded as one of the best science fiction shows out there — and maybe moreso, now that new fans are able to stream the series on services like Netflix, or rewatch for "plot holes" like Ben Wyatt does on Parks and Recreation (don't worry, it's airtight). Besides weaving together a pseudoscientific multiverse, the show also depicted some really great working relationships in bizarre conditions. If you think your job is strange, think about what Astrid Farnsworth on Fringe had to deal with on a daily basis.

While she started as Olivia Dunham's assistant and worked as a field agent in the alternate universe, the prime Astrid worked closely with Walter Bishop. Their relationship grew over the series, though he rarely remembered her name. Agent Farnsworth was one of the integral members of the Fringe Division, though we never learned much about her life or backstory. This is something which, as actress Jasika Nicole revealed in an interview with the podcast Black Girls Talking, bums her out just as much as it does the fans. However, since the show is over, we'll have to remember Astrid as a scene-stealer — and she was a phenomenal one at that! While she was an accomplished, brilliant FBI Agent, Astrid often had to put up with the slimier aspects of Walter's work. But her dry sense of humor got her through, and it can help you too!

1. "Just About, Wally."

Great for when you're sick of people getting your name wrong.

2. "Great Taste — Less Filling"

Sometimes, Astrid is great at interpreting Walter's babble. Other times ... not so much.

3. "When You Finally Meet A Nice Girl, I Would Avoid Bringing Her Home For As Long As Possible."

Astrid and Walter may have become friends eventually, but she knew what was up when it came to his son, Peter.

4. "I Am Not Brushing a Cow's Teeth, Walter. You Know I Have Real Work To Do, Right?"

No matter what you're going through this week, it could be worse.

5. "Technically, This Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

Don't upset me when I'm handling dangerous objects, please.

6. "I Never Thought I Was Going To Taste This Again"

This is alternate-Astrid, but who hasn't felt that way about coffee in the middle of the afternoon?

7. "Dr. Bishop, What Did I Tell You About Experimenting With Fruit? I Just Cleaned This Lab Up Yesterday."

Seriously. I wish all assistants were able to call their bosses out like that. No more fruit!

8. "Truthfully, I Don't Really Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking About What Human Brains Would Taste Like."

Maybe we should now, though. Right?

9. "Next Time, Don't Use Laundry Detergent, And The Dishwasher Will Work Fine."

Been there. Don't you just love geniuses who fail at simple things?

10. "Because Someone Wanted To Use The Ethanol To Clean The Hibachi Before They Cooked The Bratwurst."

You know, just a casual reason to be caught in a fire hazard on Fringe.

11. "For The Eleventh Time, Walter, I Drive The Speed Limit."

I think it's the specificity that makes me love this quote.

12. "Welcome To 2036."

If Astrid can be this calm after waking up in the future, then I can make it to Friday.

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