New York Is The Sexiest City In America, Says New Playboy Survey, Plus 9 More Cities That Are Hot AF

What city is home to the hottest people who have the hottest sex? That would be the great NYC. According to a new survey released by Playboy magazine, New York ranks number one in the list of America’s 25 sexiest cities.

Utilizing two customized polls, Playboy looked at the attitudes and lifestyles of people surveyed, as well as whether a city had “hot locals, cool nightlife, a great setting, and an undercurrent of desire” to make their ranking. After compiling all the data, New York was found to be sexiest city due to its nightlife and relatively easy transportation system. But most importantly, the frequency of sex there is pretty high, with people having sex an average of 138 times per year. It’s no wonder why they took the crown.

Following New York is of course, the city of beautiful, sun-kissed, movie stars—Los Angeles. Rounding out the top five are Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco. The “unsexiest city in America?” Survey says, Detroit.

Here are the top 10 sexiest cities in America, according to Playboy magazine.

1. New York


In addition to having one of the most frequent amount of sex in the country, it was also found that New Yorkers were interested in some pretty kinky stuff. In fact, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they were open to “experimentation” and a fourth of them were into BDSM.

2. Los Angeles


In comparison to New York, LA actually has more numbers of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues per every 1000 residents. However, as anyone living there would know, public transportation sucks, and pretty much everyone drives in L.A. That fact alone dropped their nightlife score in favor of New York. While New Yorkers are kinky, Angelenos are into cheating and cite the Holiday Inn on Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica as the place to be if you want to engage in sexual debauchery with your "special friend."

3. Chicago


While Chicago may seem like an interesting choice to some, as indicated by Playboy, it’s home to a “sexy quotient” of young professionals who are all about restaurants, blues joints, and galleries. It should also be noted that Chicago was home to major burlesque acts such as Kiss Kiss Cabaret and Naked Girls Reading.

4. Miami


Out of the top five sexiest cities in America, Miami holds the title for enjoying the most sex in a year with an average 160 encounters per year. The survey also found that nearly half of the city’s working population have no problem mixing business with pleasure with 46 percent reporting that they’ve had sex with a co-worker—the most out of the top five.

5. San Francisco


San Francisco leads the pack in terms of quality of orgasms. So, while San Franciscans may not be having the most frequent sex, it’s pretty damn good.

6. Boston


Based on data from the American Community Survey from 2015, it was found that Boston is a good place to be a single man. There are more single women than there are men.

7. Seattle


A survey conducted earlier this year found that Seattle was home to the Most Handsome Men in the nation. Apparently, they're well dressed, well groomed, and they take good care of themselves overall.

8. Las Vegas


Sin City. It's the city where anything goes from gambling to strip clubs to swinger hangouts. Of course, it would crack the top 10 sexiest cities.

9. San Diego


In a 2012 survey conducted by dating app, HowAboutWe, it was found that San Diego is one of the most active cities in the country, and they're not afraid to show off their hard work. In fact, more people in San Diego post pictures of themselves in bathing suits on their dating profiles than any other city in the country.

10. Portland


According to the survey, Portland has more strip clubs and bars than any other city on their list. Additionally, it was found that OKCupid members list "casual sex" as an option more than people in any other city.

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