The 9 Best Fall Nail Colors You Need, Because A New Season Means New Colors

I’ve always preferred fall to all other seasons when it comes to nail color. While summer is plain jane with pink and mint, things really get interesting as the weather cools down. Don't believe me? The best fall nail polishes you need this season come in a variety of colors so literally anyone can fall in love. Scroll down for further proof.

I don’t think of fall colors as darker necessarily—they’re richer than what any other season has to offer. It makes sense, as a richer color mirrors the textures we’re often wearing in the fall like tweed and wool. Navy and royal blues, hunter and muted greens, rusty reds and oranges and delicious plums and purples are signature fall colors that look sophisticated on the nails. If you’re a little more playful and partial to pink, deep raspberry fuschia shades look fantastic in the fall and winter time, and brighten an outfit without seeming out of place.

When it comes to formulation, matte top coats are perfect for the cooler months. But shine doesn’t have to be over altogether—a metallic finish or bold lacquer looks great and season appropriate. No matter what color you’re rocking this season, remember to keep your cuticles healthy by rubbing oil onto them. Winter is notoriously dry and rough on skin, and your nail beds are never spared.

Here are my top nine nail colors for this fall.

1. Metallic

Essie Nail Polish in Leggy Legend, $9, U lta

It's festive, but in a not so in-your-face way.

2. Rust

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Dyno-Mite, $5, Target

Rust is such a classic '70s color, and in case you haven't heard, the '70s are back, baby.

3. Moss Green

Julep in Debbie, $14, Julep

This soft moss green couldn't be more perfect. Really.

4. Gray

Dolce & Gabbana The Nail Lacquer in Tahitian Grey, $27, Nordstrom

This gray with a tinge of violet is so gorgeous, everyone will want to know what shade it is.

5. Plum

Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Miss Independent, $20, D eborah Lippmann

Purple is fine, but plum is divine.

6. Almost Black

OPI Polish in Lincoln Park After Dark, OPI

This was one OPI's most popular shade and once you have it on your nails, you'll understand why.

7. Blacker Than Black

You can't go wrong with black. Formula X in Dark Matter, $10.50,

8. Red

OPI Venice Collection Nail Lacquer in Amore at the Grand Canal, $10, HSN

Red will never go out of style or season, especially one so deep and rich as this.

9. Navy Blue

Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Darling Blue, $27, Nordstrom

This shiny navy blue is a great shade that will complement your favorite denim jeans.

Image: @evachen212/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands