What Do You Call Your Vagina? 17 Bustle Readers Weigh In On Their Favorite Names — And Those That Offend Them


Most body parts have names, and that’s sorta where it ends. I call my elbow an elbow and don’t think any more of it. However, when it comes to parts imbued with a certain sexuality — especially our genitals — the game is completely changed. Buzzfeed ran a quiz on how many words readers knew to describe male and female genitalia, respectively, and got 80 penis synonyms and 70 vagina synonyms. The folks over at the National Coalition for Men came up with a casual list of 174 synonyms for their junk.

Looking at these lists, most of our euphemisms for our genitals work way better for giggles or poetry than in common parlance. (Regardless of how funny you think “wizard sleeve” is as a term, you may not want it used on you in the bedroom.) In fact, we can be quite picky about the words spoken to us during our moments of greatest ecstasy and vulnerability (translation: sex).

Since this is such a personal and varied question, we asked 17 Bustle readers of varying ages and backgrounds to share their favorite terms for their vaginas, as well as those words that will kill the moment and may get lovers kicked out of their beds. This is what they had to say.

Emma, 27

Katherine, 27

Ann, 61

Amanda, 28

Grace, 27

Nancy, 26

Miette, 43

Penelope, 26

J, 44

<img alt="" src="https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif" class="article-body-image"/>Molly, 25

Red, 27

Zoe, 39

Judy, 36

Lisa, 27

Sam, 24

Lina, 27

Beth, 32

Kelly, 27

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