'Pep Talk Generator' From Babe Vibes Is The Perfect Way To Deliver Some Self-Love

Next time you're feeling so down that not even the best Kelly Clarkson song can improve your mood, check out the Pep Talk Generator, a creation of the women collective Babe Vibes. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all talk to ourselves. It might not always be out loud (although sometimes it is), but who hasn't chanted "I can do this!" to themselves at one time or another? It's been proven that this "self-talk" plays hugely into our general happiness. And although there are a bunch of ways to improve our self-love, talking to ourselves positively can have a major impact.

That's where the Pep Talk Generator comes in. All you have to do is log on to Babe Vibes, and you've got as many quotes as you need to relax your anxiety, improve your mood, and overall just make you feel a little more self-love, all at your fingertips. And I know what you're picturing: An image of a kitten hanging off a tree branch with the slogan, "Hang In There." Fortunately, though, the pep talks on Babe Vibes are written by creative writers — and as such, they're full of personable, vulnerable empowerment.

According to the site, "'Babe vibes' are about the power of calling oneself a babe. It’s energy, vulnerability, identity, and empowerment. It’s about taking those babe vibes and making work with other women."

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. "In reality, we have but a minute on this earth."

2. "Find your MUST and go to that place every day."

3. "Good news: No one knows what they are doing."

4. "Embrace this in-between state and learn what you can from it."

5. "Do not hold your breath for anyone."

So start talking to yourselves, ladies and use this awesome generator for some love and inspiration.

Images: Amancay Maahs/Flickr; Babe Vibes (5)