Miranda Kerr's Beauty Routine Incorporates Meditation & Wellness, Not Just Products

Miranda Kerr's name is basically synonymous with beauty—and Victoria's Secret. The gorgeous model has worked with almost every brand, from Escada to H&M, but it's her outlook on beauty that has us so intrigued. Miranda Kerr's beauty routine isn't just about the products she loves, produces, or endorses. Instead, Kerr mixes beauty with wellness to create an outlook on beauty that we can totally get behind. Whether it's incorporating exercise or making sure she's meditating, Kerr makes sure that she takes a holistic approach to taking care of herself, and on top of that, she really does use some great products to be honest.

Kerr sat down with W Magazine to discuss her secrets as well as her line of organic beauty products, KORA. The interview is a bit of a quick-fire round of questioning, but the fast-paced level allows Kerr to really narrow down what makes her routine so special.

What I noticed the most was her desire to approach beauty from a holistic standpoint, not from a more traditional, product-based method. On combining inner and outer beauty, Kerr recommends, "Mediation. Nurturing the mind, body, and soul connection. Exercise often. Keep moving. From the outside, using my certified organic skincare. I also feed my body with foods that are high in nutrients like lots of fresh greens and noni juice."

While I do love that Kerr mixes meditation, exercise, and health into her beauty routine, we can't help but to mention her more traditional secrets. Kerr explains that she does love her KORA Organics line for quite a few of her beauty necessities. She calls the Age Defying Phytox Oil a beauty must-have for her and explains that she always has RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up and Lip2Cheek in her bag when she leaves the house. Kerr also explains that she is "obsessed" with dry brushing for circulation. Basically, she's got a ton of great recommendations alongside her more wellness focused approach.

So where can you snag the products? We've got them here for you!

1. Tweezerman Tweezers ($23)

Kerr says that she doesn't go anywhere with Tweezers, and these by Tweezerman are some of the best out there.

2. Mio Skincare Natural Dry Body Brush ($20)

Dry brushing is a staple in Kerr's routine, and this brush is the perfect choice.

3. RMS "Un"Cover-Up ($36)

Though I doubt Kerr has a lot to disguise, she does recommend this RMS concealer.

4. RMS Lip2Cheek ($36)

This organic product is perfect for the girl on the go, and we bet Kerr is always on the run chasing after her adorable son.

Images: Miranda Kerr/Instagram (2); Images courtesy of brands