Why Didn't Liz Backdoor Vanessa On 'Big Brother 17'? She's Got Bigger Fish To Fry

When, oh when, will Vanessa finally be kicked out of Big Brother? Not this week, that's for sure. On Wednesday, after a week of toying with the idea of backdooring Vanessa on Big Brother 17 , Liz ultimately decided to stick to her initial nominations of John and Becky. (Note: remember when we were totally rooting for a John and Becky showmance?) Liz's decision, while slightly annoying because I'm ready for Vanessa to meet her Big Brother maker (Julie Chen), doesn't come as that big of a surprise. Why? Because Vanessa is just about every single person's target inside of the house, so why would Liz take the burden of being the one to get the blood on her hands?

Vanessa's game inside the Big Brother house has been shaky — at best — for the last few weeks. She's made a lot of enemies for her back-and-forth style of game play, and because of that, she's lost a lot of allies. Liz backdooring Vanessa wasn't the craziest idea to come out of Austin/Liz/Julia's mouths. For them, they really don't know where Vanessa's loyalty stands. She can swear on her "word" — we get it Vanessa, your word is all you have — that she is a member of Austin's Angels until she dies, but behind Austin, Liz, and Julia's back, Vanessa isn't afraid to give her word to other people.

Because of that, Vanessa has been added to a lot of Big Brother hit lists. As Liz said after the Veto ceremony, everyone in the house is targeting Vanessa. If she can manage to stay on good terms with Vanessa and have someone else take her out, that's just one extra vote to have in the jury house if Liz were to make it to the final two.

And then, of course, there's the returning jury member houseguest twist. As Julie Chen promised, just because you're in jury, doesn't mean you're out of the game. If Vanessa were to leave the house and come back into the game, you can bet she'd go after whoever sent her out of the house.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS