How To Pull Off White Jeans After Labor Day

I love a good pair of white jeans. They make any outfit appear fresh and put-together in a way that normal denim doesn't. Same goes for white linen pants, in fact. I wear white jeans all spring and summer long with brown sandals and breezy tops for an easy, comfortable outfit that works for all occasions. That said, I don't put my white jeans away once Labor Day comes and goes. They're just as versatile in the fall and winter, especially once you remind yourself that yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.

The rule is completely antiquated, but that doesn't mean it's a piece of cake to feel confident rocking a color that's long been so associated with the warmer months. I understand the hesitation to wear anything that isn't in muted, dark tones once the leaves start to turn, but I'm also here to highly recommend you test the brightly colored waters for autumn.

In case you, too, want to wear white pants this fall but you're not sure how to go about it, I put together a little guide. Here are three fall outfits, each broken into three easy steps, that are based around my white jeans.

Step 1: Choosing A Top

First off, you want to choose a top that balances out the pants. If you have skinny jeans like mine, choose a top that's a little loose or slouchy to offset it. If you're wearing baggy pants, consider a snug sweater. You might also want to choose fall shades and textures, such as a wool sweater in a dark burgundy color; this will make your white pants look more fall-appropriate.

For my first outfit I chose this chambray shirt that I bought ages ago. I love chambray shirts because they never go out of style and go great with everything, but they especially look nice with white jeans. Really, you can't go wrong with this combination.

Then I chose this flannel shirt because its texture and pattern are both very fall-appropriate (plus it has hints of white that tie into the jeans while still balancing it out with darker colors).

I'm also of the opinion that you can't go wrong with a striped shirt, especially a turtleneck once it gets chilly enough:

Step 2: Add A Fall Jacket

The next step is to pile on the layers. After all, a cute jacket is the best part of fall, no?

A leather jacket can work well with white jeans, but I don't love it when paired with a chambray shirt. Instead I chose a jacket in a lighter material but with the same cut as a moto jacket.

I paired my plaid shirt with a olive green parka — sort of a cooler, more laid-back version of a trench coat.

Finally, I wouldn't personally wear a Canadian tuxedo but I'm fine with wearing a denim jacket with white jeans. As long as the denim pieces are two different colors, it's an easy look to pull off.

Step 3: Finish It Off With Cute Shoes

The last step is to pick the right pair of shoes. Avoid any sandals (obviously) or open-toe heels. Instead choose ankle boots (because tall boots with white pants might make you look like you're about to compete in an equestrian competition), sneakers or ballet flats, and closed-toe heels.

Simple, pointed-toe black pumps work really well to dress this outfit up for a casual office setting:

But if you want an after-work ensemble, go for a cool pair of ankle boots instead, which also pair well with this jacket.

My Converse were the perfect addition to this weekend-ready fall outfit.

And yes, you can wear white shoes after Labor Day too.

Finally, I'm never afraid to mix stripes with leopard print since I consider them both to be neutrals. Plus the white jeans help to break up the look visually and stop things from getting too chaotic.

And voilà: You just built a stylish, fall-appropriate outfit around a pair of white pants. Congrats!

Images: Kelly Dougher