Wearing White Shoes After Labor Day Is Totally Legit, So Here's How To Pull The Look Off

Can we agree that any style rule as tired as "don't wear white after Labor Day" deserves to be tossed out? I personally think that white looks great in the fall and winter, whether in the form of a crisp white shirt-dress paired with a burgundy sweater or even a sexy white jumpsuit like this Nasty Gal jumpsuit to ensure you stand out at holiday parties. But what about white shoes? Sometimes those can be genuinely tricky to wear year-round, if only because of practical reasons. White shoes will suffer from mud and sleet like nothing else in your closet.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them in the winter, however. I don't have a lot of white shoes in my wardrobe but there is one pair I refuse to retire for half of the year: my Comme des Garcons Play Converse. They're comfy, versatile, and damn cute. I think they're well worth the bit of extra effort to keep them clean in the winter months, and if you're really worried about that you can read my guide to cleaning your white sneakers.

As for styling them with fall and winter clothes, that's a cinch. Below I put together three different fall outfits, along with some handy tips, to help give you inspiration for wearing your favorite white shoes after summer's over.

First, though: When attempting to wear white shoes in winter, choosing the right pair is half the battle. Pop quiz! Which pair below is best for fall and winter? (OK, I already gave the answer away earlier.)

Obviously the Converse pair is best. The sandals won't protect my feet at all from East Coast temperatures and the striped pair, although cute, have too much of a summery vibe thanks to the espadrille style.

If Converse aren't your style, you can't go wrong with a pair of New Balance sneakers or classic Adidas Stan Smith shoes. Need something less casual? Try a pair of dainty white flats or even closed-toe heels, or a pair of white brogues for a menswear vibe.

Now here's how I styled my white shoes for fall.

1. With Fall Fabrics

This is a great, slightly preppy option for fall. You could wear this to a casual meeting or date, or dress it up a little with the afore-mentioned white brogues (which will add nicely to the preppy vibe). My chambray shirt and suede skirt are both ideal fall fabrics, so they help to make the white shoes seem much more fall-appropriate.

2. With Dark Colors

This is a no-brainer: balance out the white shoes with an all-black outfit. Not only does it suddenly make my outfit scream "winter," but it also allows my favorite sneakers to really pop. This is a great outfit for running errands, light exercise, or traveling.

3. With Fall Accessories

Notice the scarf and the jacket in the previous outfit? That's another good strategy for transitioning your white shoes into fall: just pile on the cold-weather accessories. An outfit consisting of sunglasses, a scarf, a striped dress, a denim jacket, and white shoes will always come off as classic and stylish, no matter what the season. When in doubt, distract with cute accessories. Remember that and you're golden.

Images: Kelly Dougher