13 Times Blake Lively Channeled Another Decade, Even Before 'Age of Adaline'

Even before she starred in The Age of Adaline we all knew Blake Lively was a classic style icon. From her early days in Gossip Girl, Lively's style has always been elegant and seemed to be channeled from another decade. I'm crazy jealous of the undoubtedly fashionable household her daughter James is growing up in.

In Gossip Girl, Lively's character Serena van der Woodsen always had impeccable style; she had a way of making boots look good, no matter the season. Plus, of course, there were all the casual dresses and flawless hair days. In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants her character, Bridget Vreeland, rocked a more athletic style — except for the jeans, of course. As Adaline Bowman in "The Age of Adaline," Lively's style transforms as she travels agelessly from the 20th Century to the 21st Century. Lively's not immortal, but her style does transform effortlessly as the years and trends go by.

In fact, Lively's real life style seems to be a lovely balance of every decade, combining colors from this century, lipstick from the '50s, and hairstyles that a flapper girl would envy. Take a look at the 13 times Lively's style channeled another decade — and here's to hoping that in 20 years, I'll be writing the same article for James Reynolds.


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That lighting, her finger-rolled, wavy hair, half-pinned, and her pink lipstick make Lively look like a queen from the 1910s. All she needs is a diadem.


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Why should Lively ever steer away from the finger-rolled waves when they look so great on her? Those waves, paired with this dark lipstick and black, lacy dress looks like she time traveled from the 1920s. Gatsby really should have been looking at her, instead of getting his hopes up for Daisy Buchanan.


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While women in the 1930s were working toward their right to wear such plunging necklines, Lively's overall beauty look — chignon hair and bright pink lipstick — fits in well with the decade.


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Historically, the 1940s were similar to the 1930s, though everyone let their hair down a bit more. Lively is still rocking an updo here, just slightly more relaxed and with a more subtle hue of pink on her pout.


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OK, but really, has anyone ever looked more like Marilyn Monroe (if the style icon had longer hair?) Lively is pulling off the 1950s look well with a bright, bold lip, volumizing, curly hair and a sweetheart neckline. She looks like she could play an extra in Sunset Boulevard.


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Pregnant and elegant, Lively could be attending Woodstock in this long, floral dress.

1960 (Part II)

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With that half-pony and bright dress, I just had to include to show both sides of the 1960s: flower-child and cool mod.


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One word: Fringe.

And also: whispy, curly hair.


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Between the big hair, graphic-patterned bodycon, and... whoa, are there shoulder pads on that fitted blazer?! Yep, this look is definitely '80s inspired..


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Lively tends to go for decades further in the past, but tell me the Spice Girls wouldn't love to get their hands on that mini skirt.


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It's officially fair to say that not only has Lively tried every decade's style, but she would have looked great living in each time period — including as a gothic style icon.



Nothing is more "2010" style than a relaxed, fishtail braid, floral hair clip and soft white dresses. Basically, Blake Lively is a time-traveling style icon, and we all just have to accept it.


Gossip Girl (I wish...)