Rachel Zoe's Career Story Is Full Of Great Advice, And Here's Why You Should Listen To Her

She's one of the top stylists in the business and has a long list of career achievements to back up her success. Of course, I'm talking about the ever stylish, ever amazing Rachel Zoe who sat down with Glamour for their ultra cool Read My Resume feature. Rachel Zoe's career advice in the interview is proof positive that the star knows the value of hard work, dedication, and passion. It's those qualities that have propelled her into icon status. Based on her work alone, we can definitely all learn a thing or two from a powerhouse fashionista like Zoe, but it's nice to have a reminder that everyone starts somewhere.

Zoe's career began in food service, and it's her acknowledgement of the value of such difficult work that gives us the head's up that she didn't join the ranks of the fashion elite without some elbow grease. "I think restaurant experience is one of the greatest jobs," she says. "You're getting your hands dirty. You're working crazy hours. I mean, I think it's like a boot camp on some level." Zoe obviously didn't stay in that industry though and moved into work for YM Magazine. Her fashion star only began to rise from there.

The stylist and designer goes on to explain each step in her incredible career. From her time working as a freelance stylist to her move to designing, Zoe has had diverse career moves that all helped to propel her to where she is today. Those upward movements and career changing risks— like beginning her own incredibly successful line— are kind of the overall message of Zoe's resume. Her wise statement at the end of the piece truly encompass why Zoe is as successful as she has been so far. She says, "I would say my message of my resume is the sky's the limit for what you can do, but don't expect anyone to hand it. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's really hard work— all of it. And go for it."

Zoe's advice is incredible useful, and she's the person to listen to regarding how to make your career and continually moving, upward trajectory. What are the reasons you should listen to Zoe? I think they're kind of obvious, but let's break them down.

1. She's A Boss Entrepreneur

Between her successful clothing line, recently launched talk show, and her very own subscription box, Zoe knows how to take her career to the next level and then some!

2. Her Experience Speaks For Itself

Freelance stylist to the stars, fashion designer, creative consultant to Halston, and CFDA member are only the few of the feathers in Zoe's cap. Yes, she's kind of a big deal.

3. She Knows The Value Of Hard Work

Maybe you're thinking that Zoe has made it in the industry and can slow down? That's definitely not the case. This stylist recognized the need for hard work early in her career and she hasn't stopped today. You'll be hard pressed to find a moment when she doesn't have three projects at one time. It's that passion that really makes her one of the greats.

Check out the rest of Zoe's Read My Resume for Glamour below for more details on how one of the Hollywood's favorite stylists came to be.

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