'Doctor Who's Final Matt Smith Episode Gets A First, Super Sad Trailer

Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is headed back to Trenzalore. This wouldn't be cause for worry under normal circumstances, but... well, these aren't normal circumstances, this is Matt Smith's last episode. In other words, prepare for emotional devastation to be the phrase of the day because now we have our first official Doctor Who Christmas special trailer. It's got lots of explosions and impending sadfaces.

There are cybermen! And daleks! And The Silence! So many villains!

Also a super-cryptic voiceover, in which Clara says, "And now it's time to take a bow, like all your other selves. Eleven's hour is over now, the clock is striking Twelve's." Which makes us sad if only because we're going to miss Matt Smith's rubbery giraffe body and his equally floppy hair, even if the latter is a wig this time around.

Then there's the Doctor screaming that if you want his life you better come and get it, which shouldn't remind us of a Selena Gomez song but it does, and for that we apologize.

Oh and there are pictures! They involve a lot of snow, which we're hoping this time around isn't really the ashes of dead aliens. And you just know that wooden cyberman is going to cause some problems.

There's also the Doctor in a cape. Here's hoping that's Peter Capaldi's main costume because we'd really love to see him cuss up a storm over that.

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Images: BBC