Hundra Went On 'Catfish' To Share Her Own Story, But It Didn't Have The Effect She Wanted

Since the first season of Catfish aired, I've been waiting for someone to use the show to their advantage. If you're anything like me, it's probably something you've joked about with your long distance friends — let's create a Catfish scenario and then we can hang out with Nev and Max. But that's all it is. A joke. Until someone takes it seriously, of course... and for a way different reason. That's exactly what happened on Monday night's episode. Hundra pretended to be a Catfish victim in order to come out to her friends and family on TV, and since Nev found out what her plan was ahead of time, it totally backfired.

But let's backtrack to the beginning. At first, Hundra was pretty easy to sympathize with. She had recently discovered that she likes girls (specifically one girl she's talked to online, Emily) and she's worried that her family isn't going to accept her since they haven't been tolerant in the past. But she desperately wants to meet Emily, as they've been talking online for nine months and have yet to come face to face. Pretty typical Catfish story so far, right?

So the investigation begins between Nev and his guest host for the episode, rapper Machine Gun Kelly. They discover that Emily is actually using photos belonging to a girl named Melanie, and Melanie quickly agrees to come meet them. It doesn't take long for her to realize that Emily is actually Geralyn, Melanie's ex. And here's where Hundra's master plan begins to fail.

First, she meets Geralyn — who isn't the person Hundra was expecting — and immediately criticizes her appearance. Strike one. Strike two happens when Geralyn meets up separately with Nev and Kelly and admits that the ENTIRE THING WAS AN ORCHESTRATED PLAN. Geralyn and Melanie teamed up to help Hundra ensure that she's on Catfish, so she can "tell the world" she's gay all at the same time.

And strike three? That's about the time when everyone gathers again and Hundra refuses to apologize. What Nev said to Hundra is right: It's a very noble cause to use a popular TV show like Catfish to spread a message of acceptance, but the way she went about it was totally wrong. What made it even worse is that Hundra herself was being offensive and using problematic language when talking about gay people.

There is a silver lining, though. Hundra didn't fully get away with it. Props to Geralyn for stepping up and admitting that she and her friends were trying to pull one over on MTV to fit Hundra's backwards agenda. Out of everyone involved in this elaborate Catfish prank, she definitely left the episode the most redeemed.

Images: MTV, Giphy