Rob Reiner is Stepping Back into the Spotlight, So Let's All Remember Why We Love Him

Rob Reiner may have produced and directed hits like The Princess Bride, This is Spinal Tap, and When Harry Met Sally, but he hasn't had many blockbusters recently. He produced the Morgan Freeman movies The Magic of Belle Isle and The Bucket List, both of which did well. However, the movies that he has given the full Rob Reiner treatment, where he directs and produces a film, have not been that huge. Alex & Emma was his last romantic comedy in 2003, and it wasn't a success. Similarly, Flipped is his most recent director-producer role, and it was a limited release.

For fans of Reiner's old movies, there is hope that he will once again create something with his signature biting humor. Reiner will appear in The Wolf of Wall Street as the father Leonardo DiCaprio's scheming character. He is also rumored to be writing, producing, and directing a yet-to-be-titled documentary on Proposition 8, which sounds great. But most importantly, Spike TV has just announced that Reiner will create a new dramedy for them called Basket Case, based on the Carl Hiaasen novel of the same name. The show will follow an obituary reporter who finds interesting crimes and unusual deaths, which sounds like a great time for Reiner's wit and dark humor to make its comeback.

But, in case you've forgotten why you should love Rob Reiner in the first place, here are a few things he has given the world:

"It Goes to 11"

Nigel Tufnel changed the world in This is Spinal Tap when he showed us an amp that goes to 11, and Rob Reiner kept a straight face through the whole thing.

goto11tv on YouTube

The Sexiest Thing Cary Elwes has Ever Said

Did anyone else watch The Princess Bride as a kid and want to marry Wesley? No? Well, I can't believe that Rob didn't have a hand in the flirty delivery of this line. So thanks for giving me a childhood crush, Rob.

The World's Best Faked Orgasm

Meg Ryan's stellar performance in When Harry Met Sally sparked discussion, as well as some seriously funny pranks. Let's all remember that Rob Reiner made that scene (and seriously adorable movie) possible.

Yura Dashevsky on YouTube

The Best Introduction at a Party

Who hasn't wanted to throw open a door and yell this phrase?

The Kiss at the End

Everybody loves a happy ending, and Rob Reiner always delivers one. Remember, he even made Misery bearable.

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Images: pleasents/Tumblr