How To Recreate Maddie Ziegler's Adorable Bun

by Lindsey Rose Black

Sia's mini-me muse might only be 12, but the girl has already got some serious style. If you're not totally familiar with Maddie Ziegler, you might only know her with a platinum wig. If you're a hardcore fan, however, you've probably been wondering how to do Maddie Ziegler's bun forever, because it's definitely one of her areas of expertise aside from dancing. What's more, it's the perfect hairstyle to compliment the fall ballerina off-duty trend. If you want to recreate the tiny dancer's perfect 'do, you came to the right place. I spent a full forty minutes on YouTube to find the best Maddie Ziegler bun tutorials so you don't have to. Don't worry, you can thank me later.

If you're not already obsessed with pint-sized Ziegler, you should be. The girl has more #hustle than most adults, and the talent to match. Already a professional triple threat, she's also quite a talented makeup artist. Ziegler told Fashionista, "If I weren't dancing or acting and singing, I would definitely be a [beauty] YouTuber. It just seems so fun." Since Ziegler is only 12, she's literally got all the time in the world to explore her future!

When Ziegler isn't rocking her iconic ballerina bun, she keeps it simple with "either a ponytail, a messy bun, or side braid," she told Fashionista. Her go-to products are Big Sexy hairspray, and, as a former Texan pageant girl, I can vouch for how good that stuff is!

She also loves Tigi Bed Head and said, "It's like a lotion for your hair that makes it really shiny." Make sure to nab both those products for the ultimate Ziegler-esque bun!

But if you're really trying to nail Ziegler's enviable bun, you need to stock up on some bobby pins. A lot of them. She told Betsey Johnson during an interview for Elle that her secret to creating the perfect ballerina bun is not just hairspray, but also hardware. "When I'm dancing, it needs a lot of bobby pins... if you want that perfect "ballerina" bun, you'll need about 15." She went on to say that one time, she had to use 100 to keep it in place. I can't imagine how awful that would be to pull out after. Yeesh.

Here are 3 ways to learn how to recreate Maddie's oh-so-perfect bun.

1. Classic Sophia Lucia Bun

This young girl knows what she's doing! Her video is simple and straightforward.

2. Lace Braided Sophia Lucia Bun

This is definitely a step up in complexity, but worth the effort.

3. Thick Bun For Thin Hair

Thinner-haired ladies represent! This tutorial is all about maximizing thin hair and still getting a beautiful, full bun.

Image Credit: Maddie Ziegler/Instagram; Gianna Verrico, Cute Girls Hairstyles, USAICE/YouTube