Will Maddie Ziegler Go To College? The 'Dance Moms' Star Is Well On Her Way To A Bright Future

From a successful reality TV series, to pop-culture fame as a music video star, to scripted television appearances, Maddie Ziegler has already had quite a career — and she is only 12 years old. The dancer, of Dance Moms fame, and musician Sia’s pint-sized muse, has been a hot topic on the reality series and in the media. When Maddie and her sister Mackenzie transitioned into being home-schooled two years ago, the show depicted their mother Melissa’s difficult decision that would facilitate her daughters’ schedules, balancing their talent and education. So, with that in mind, will Maddie Ziegler go to college?

While, in the past, Maddie was quoted as saying, “Even though my mom says that school comes before dance, I say that dance comes before school,” she has more recently expressed priority when it comes to her education. In a 2015 article in The Telegraph, Maddie said, “I need to make sure I am still getting an education, I don’t just want to be a dumb dancer.”

As a triple threat with an education, Maddie seems to have a bright future ahead. But, which path will she choose? Will she go to college? Though that's years away, with most of Maddie’s interviews reporting that she is leaning toward a career in the arts, I really hope she still sticks with her education, too!

So, what will Maddie do with her life? Whatever it is, she’s got big plans!

1. She Could Be A Dancer/Choreographer

In a video on her official website, Maddie said she wants to be a professional dancer and choreographer when she grows up.

2. She Could Be An Actress

If we learned anything from her Sia videos, this girl can emote!

3. She Could Be A Singer

Apparently, she’s already been prepping for a career in music.

4. She Could Do It All On Broadway

Broadway is Maddie’s ultimate goal, and it's a great place to combine all her talents.

5. She Could Be A Mathematician

While she’s admitted to not loving algebra, math was once Maddie’s favorite subject.

6. She Could President Of The United States

Maddie 2040! Why not?!

7. She Could Be Anything She Wants To Be!

She is 12, poised, and talented. Maddie, you can do anything you set your mind to!

Images: Giphy (6), Lifetime (1)