The Most Inspiring Jimmy Carter Quotes On His Cancer Diagnosis Might Just Make You Cry

On Thursday morning, former president Jimmy Carter gave a press conference Thursday morning regarding his recent cancer diagnosis. The beloved former president was incredibly inspiring, upbeat, and positive while discussing his diagnosis and forthcoming treatments, smiling through much of the press conference. Carter emphasized the fullness of his life so far, and the ease of his cancer treatments so far.

Some of Carter's most inspiring quotes from Thursday morning's question-and-answer session...

I'm Looking Forward To A New Adventure.

Carter remained very upbeat about his diagnosis, refusing to assess his situation in a negative light.

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I’ve Had A Wonderful Life ... So I Was Surprisingly At Ease.

Carter noted several times throughout the press conference that he was very pleased with the life he has lived so far, and as such has been able to face his diagnosis with a positive mindset. Carter added that he feels the situation is "in the hands of God."

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I'm Perfectly At Ease With Whatever Comes.

Smiling through many of the questions and answers, Carter stated that he's made peace with the diagnosis and is ready for what will come with treatments.

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It Was The Best Night Of Sleep I've Had In Many Years.

Carter said about his night's sleep after meeting with his doctor and having some of his pain problems addressed.

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I Think I Have Been As Blessed As Any Person In The World.



The Best Thing I Did Was Marry Rosa.

When asked about regrets he may have, or aspects of his personal life he wishes he may have done differently, Carter responded immediately by saying the best thing he did in his life was marry his wife.