'The Unauthorized Full House Story' Cast Will Have You Seeing Double

It's the time we've all been waiting for. In the midst of a Full House renaissance, Lifetime is giving us the gift of all gifts: The Unauthorized Full House Story. The movie, which comes a year after the The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, will follow the production of one of America's favorite family sitcom television shows of all time. The cast of The Unauthorized Full House Story has been monitored closely by fans and critics alike for their similarities to the original cast. But the look of the cast is only half the battle, because they also have to portray one of our favorite families, and that's a lot of pressure.

The cast is full of actors from different walks of life. Some are experienced actors, singers, and models, while some are just starting out portraying one of the Tanner family's own (which I can only imagine is kind of an awesome gig to get as a young actor). Because Full House was a show that followed a family for years, Lifetime has cast multiple actors for one role. For example, there are two actresses playing Candace Cameron, to show the evolution of Cameron/DJ Tanner throughout the years.

So, if you're thinking "Hey, why does Uncle Jesse look so familiar?" you're not alone. Here's how you may already know the cast of The Unauthorized Full House Story.

Garrett Brawith As “Bob Saget/Danny Tanner"

The patriarch of Full House, Bob Saget, is played by Garrett Brawith. Brawith has been in a variety of television shows like Dexter and movies like Rolling, Should've Been Romeo, Poseidon Rex, and the upcoming film The Ones.

Justin Gaston As “John Stamos/Jesse Katsopolis”

Justin Gaston plays the hunky John Stamos as Uncle Jesse. Gaston — a model, actor, and singer (Jesse & the Rippers, anyone?) — is most notably recognizable from his role in Days of Our Lives as Ben Rogers. He is in the upcoming movie Ice Scream and The Concerto with Janel Parrish and Jackson Rathbone. Fun fact: he used to date Miley Cyrus, and appeared as the love interest for Taylor Swift in the music video for "Love Story".

Justin Mader As “Dave Coulier/Joey Gladstone”

Funny Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) is played by Justin Mader. Mader has been in TV shows like Flashpoint, Covert Affairs, and the TV movie A Very Merry Mix-Up.

Stephanie Bennett As “Lori Loughlin/Rebecca Donaldson”

Everyone's favorite Aunt Becky is played by Stephanie Bennett. Recently, Bennett played Pepper on UnREAL and will play Snow White in Disney Channel's upcoming Descendants.

Shelby Armstrong As Young “Candace Cameron/DJ Tanner”

Young DJ Tanner/Candace Cameron is played by Shelby Armstrong. According to her IMDB page, this is Armstrong's first role (and a big one at that!).

Brittney Wilson As Older “Candace Cameron/DJ Tanner”

Older Candace Cameron is played by Brittney Wilson. Wilson started her career in one of the best TV shows of our time, So Weird, and has since continued to star in shows like Johnny Test, Life Unexpected, and most recently Bates Motel (as Lissa).

Dakota Guppy As “Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner”

Young Jodie Sweetin is played by Dakota Guppy. Most recently, Guppy has starred as Chloe Blackshaw in The Returned on A&E. She's also been in Wayward Pines and can be seen in The 9th Life of Louis Drax along side Jamie Dornan and Aaron Paul.

Jordyn Ashley Olson As Older “Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner”

Jordyn Ashley Olson, who plays older Jodie Sweetin, is relatively new to the industry. In the past year, Olson has starred in The Christmas Shepherd, Supernatural, and was a "fangirl" in The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.

Blaise Todd & Kinslea Todd As Toddler “Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen/Michelle Tanner”

There are six different child actors that play Michelle Tanner. The youngest ones (above) are played by Blaise and Kinslea Todd. Calla Jones and Tyla Jones play 6-year-old Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (respectively) and Kylie Armstrong and Jordan Armstrong (respectively).

Aislyn Watson & Jaime Schneider As Young And Old "Andrea Barber/Kimmy Gibler"

Aislyn Watson (on the left) plays young Andrea Barber. Watson has been in TV shows like Motive and TV movies like Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story and Run for Your Life. Jaime Schneider (on the right) plays older Andrea Barber. Schneider has starred in Twisted Tales of My 9 to 5, Derrick & Sally: Bathtub Killers, and The Killing.

So there you have it, The Tanner Family (plus Gibbler). Now we just have to wait and see if they can embody our favorite wacky — yet oh so lovable — family for the Lifetime movie.

Images: Scott Schafer/Lifetime (9)