7 Reasons To Be Excited Over Fashion Week

While some might gripe about how over done and inconvenient September can be, what with its random transitional weather and the onslaught of street style photos surfacing from every major fashion-focused city in the world, I think it's an opportune time to reflect on why Fashion Week is important. It's like watching a Vogue magazine come to life: Intense and brazen outfits will leap off of the pages and onto lit up runways, taking over the streets with bold pieces and hard-to-wrap-your-mind-around accessories, making you itch to take a more creative look in your own closet. Fashion people will crowd around on street corners and plazas, standing around in unexpected shoes and crazily on-point fall outfits, inspiring the folks at home to add a crazy muppet coat or boldly printed pant set into their own wardrobes.

New trends will usually be unveiled, marks of genius will stomp their way down runways, and the people at home will be eager to turn their summer closets into fall masterpieces. So why not overlook the fact that your mailbox will be nothing but a haven for designer shout-outs and street style snapshots? There is so much to love about the upcoming month! To prove it, here are seven reasons to get excited about Fashion Week.

1. You'll Discover Amazing Styling Tips

Fashion Week is arguably all about the designers and their collections, but we'd be lying a little to ourselves if we didn't admit that the street style is what many of us are most excited to look at. Next level fashionistas mill about in their fashion-forward pieces, toting wild colors, clever pattern mixes, and outfits in all sorts of fabulous textures and proportions. Since their outfits are so bold and brazen, it's always exciting to see a new ingenious way to layer or discover a seemingly intimidating piece made completely doable.

You probably won't be able to go to the mall and find a knockoff version of that Dior fur coat, you can at least pick up pieces of outfits and try to incorporate their genius styling moves into your own look. For example, last year it was all about pairing sneakers with fancy dresses, shrugging a shaggy coat over your shoulders, and layering up with sheer pieces. These styles also happened to become trends we all became wild about months after.

2. And New Trends

Bored to tears with the '70s trend, overalls, and granny chic pieces? Well you're in luck because those styles are on their way to the curb and you can replenish your closet with a whole new slew of personalities and ideas. Give it just one season, though, and the styles you see at Fashion Week will hit all your favorite stores. Then you can try a hand at spinning them your own way.

3. You'll Be Inspired By Insanely Cool Ways To Layer

Designers bring their A-Game to their runways, and because of it we'll be treated to plenty of new ways to style and combine clothes. Never thought of pairing sweaters with evening dresses, adding elbow-length leather gloves to day dresses, or using thigh-high boots as a makeshift pair of tights? Take notes lady, because Fashion Week wants to share these tips with you. Sure, some of the combos might be a little too out-there to replicate, but they can always spark a new idea for how to take your wardrobe out of the box.

4. You Can Tap Into New Beauty Trends

Sharp, rectangle smears as eyeliner, heavy eyebrows, and rust-gold eyelids: Fashion Week will set the mood for beauty trends for the upcoming season. While many of us will always love our cat eyeliner and blush-colored lipstick, it's exciting to see new ways to do up your face and change the mood of your outfits. Some shows focus on natural, beautiful makeup that inspires us to take some care when putting on mascara. Others will get a little more creative and pump us up to buy lilac lipstick and rock bushy eyebrows. Either way, though, your beauty routine will be refreshed and ready for a new era.

5. Let's Not Forget The First Row Lust

Where else can you see Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and Emily Olsen canoodling in one spot, regardless of their age, style, or professional differences? The weirdest combinations of humans get thrown together at the front row, and it's fun to imagine what a lunch date would look like with these people. What would they talk about? Who would they gossip about? What would they be wearing?

6. It's The Perfect Time To Discover Emerging Designers

Fashion Week isn't just about major fashion houses putting sulkily beautiful models on their runways. You also get to see emerging designers who are insanely talented but don't have a major audience yet. Remember when no one knew who Jason Wu was? Exactly. The new blood has a ton of potential, and has the ability to make equally swoon-worthy collections as their power house predecessors. Plus, it's always fun to have the satisfaction of knowing about someone before they blow up.

7. And Snag Incredibly Creative Details

Whether it's wearing high-waist underwear with sheer skirts, wrapping a scarf around your head, bringing back the handkerchief, or giving the trunk bag a try like you're about to head to the airport at any minute, Fashion Week will inspire you to look at the details of your outfit in a new way. Specifically, it'll highlight just how important those little components are. Imagine if just one of those elements were taken away from the outfit: It'd still be chic, but it wouldn't feel quite so... done. Take note of the tinier, subtler details of outfits and see how you can incorporate them in your ensembles to spice up your own wardrobe.

There you have it: Fashion Week is the ultimate inspiration to think creatively about your own wardrobe, feel empowered to experiment with your personal style, and pluck up the courage to try new looks. If that's not a perfect demonstration of fashion's power, I don't know what is.