7 Signs You Should Reread Harry Potter ASAP

There are so many books out there calling your name, just waiting to be read. From the latest bestseller, to the classic you’ve been meaning to get to forever, chances are that if you’re a book-lover, you have a TBR list that stretches from your bedroom to the library and back. Maybe you even feel guilty rereading your favorite books, because you know there are so many other books out there that you’d probably love.

But the thing is that there’s a reason your favorites are your favorites. Especially if your favorite is the Harry Potter series. As much as you wish someone could just totally erase the series from your memory, just so you can read it all again for the first time, in reality, you’ve read all your copies until the pages are dog-eared and worn and the covers look like old friends.

But you know what? You can always read it one more time. Or three more times. Or, you know, as many times as you want. Because rereading a favorite book is like keeping touch with a friend, and Harry Potter is a bestie that deserves attention every so often: there are several signs (no, I'm not talking about the grim) that it's time to revisit this beloved series.

You Find Yourself Forgetting Details From The Series

Someone asks you to help them on a Harry Potter trivia quiz — after all, you're the go-to HP expert. But suddenly, you find yourself wavering on the details. What was the seventh horcrux again? What was Luna Lovegood's patronus? WHAT IS PROFESSOR SPROUT'S FIRST NAME?? Suddenly you realize that it's time to brush up on your HP knowledge.

You Haven't Read A Good Book In A While

Sometimes, you end up in a reading slump. It happens to all of us. The only way to get yourself out of this slump is to read a great book, so why not start with one you're guaranteed to love? Re-reading Harry Potter will give you the strength to go out there and find something wonderful to fill the hole in your heart that it always creates.

You Miss The Characters

From the hilarious Fred and George Weasley to the inspiring Hermione Granger to the delightfully quirky Luna Lovegood, the characters in the HP series are probably on the list of your best friends, especially if you grew up reading the series. And if you find yourself missing them... that's a sure sign it's time to reread.

You Haven't Reread The Series Recently

Maybe the last time you picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was when it first arrived in your mailbox upon its publication, back in 2007. But guess what? THAT WAS MORE THAN EIGHT YEARS AGO, believe it or not. Then again, maybe you just reread the series last month, but it feels like eight years have gone by (life is busy, after all). Either way, if you're not currently re-reading the series, then you haven't re-read the series recently enough. As I always say: the question is not "are you rereading Harry Potter," it's "which Harry Potter are you currently rereading."

You're About To Take A Road Trip

If you have any long trips planned, why not use the opportunity to listen to the HP audiobooks? Stephen Fry narrates the U.K. version, while Jim Dale narrates the US version, and both versions are absolutely amazing and worth a listen.

You Want To Refresh Your Memory In Time For Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

November 8, 2016. That will be the release date of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , the film about Newt Scamander, with a screenplay written by J.K. Rowling herself. While it's not going to be a prequel to Harry Potter, it does take place in the same universe, so if you want to refresh your memory of the wizarding world before the movie comes out... now is the time.

You're In The Mood To Relive The Magic

Whenever you want to reread one of the best series of all time, it's always waiting to welcome you home. After all, Harry Potter will stay with you. Until the very end.

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