7 DIY Projects That Are Impossible To Mess Up

by Hometalk

Ah, Pinterest. We love it for its endless DIY inspiration, but when it comes to actually making Pinterest projects ourselves? Well, let's just say we are more likely to keep those projects pinned to our digital boards rather than create them in real life. As much as we're all about going the DIY route, too many times those great ideas we gush over go by the wayside, for a multitude of reasons — we are too tired, too busy, or don't have the right supplies. But as these Hometalk bloggers prove, there are certain Pinterest projects you seriously have to try — they are too simple (and way too cute!) to pass up.

We’ve all been there — you are sitting and scrolling through Pinterest, when one perfect project stands out and shouts, “MAKE ME!” There is no need to feel guilty. It could be a geometric planter made from cocktail straws spray painted gold, or an easy arm knitted blanket made from cut-up old t-shirts. Whatever your Pinterest craving, we've got seven more Pin-spired projects that you must add to your list. How do we know they are amazing? Because seven Hometalk Bloggers decided to answer Pinterest’s call, and the result was awesome. See for yourself:

1. A Table Runner Made From Vintage Doilies

Something this charming and picturesque is perfect for Pinterest, but it’s even more perfect for your dining room table. It’s time to take a pin out of this one, and start gathering vintage doilies.

Project via Cat @Pocketful of Posies

2. Styrofoam Balls Turned Into Beachy Coffee Table Accents

Those little coffee table decorations can get expensive! This idea turns cheap styrofoam balls into conversation pieces, with some twine and Dollar Store marbles.

Project via Leslie @Oh, the Fun

3. Sunburst Mirror From Poster Board

Looking for a quick way to make your decor pop? This eye-catching sunburst mirror may be the easiest project you ever do, and bonus: it’s budget-friendly!

Project via Stacey @Addison Meadows Lane

4. Wooden Shelves To Wall-Mounted Parking Garage

As the Matchbox car collection grows, it can be tough finding space to store all of your child’s wheels. Instead of stowing them away in a box, make this pretty and practical parking garage from shallow shelves.

Project via Samantha @Little Bits of Home

5. Large Wooden Growth Chart From A Pine Board

OK, this one is a favorite for every parent or award-winning aunt, but as simple as it is to make, for most of us, it just sits on our Pinterest page. No more — time to add to your decor and enjoy watching your kids grow all at once.

Project via Erin @Meadow Lake Road

6. Tie-dye Fall Wreath Using Yarn

You’re a little late for summer porch prettifying, but luckily, this colorful and cozy wreath is perfect for autumn. Tie-dye your own yarn with this simple trick to fit all of your favorite fall colors on your front door.

Project via Jenny @Refresh Living

7. Himmeli Geometric Sculpture

We knew that cocktail straw planter idea sounded too good to be true, so we had to prove we weren't making it up. Gather your straws and shake up that spray paint, because you're about to have an Anthropologie-approved piece of decor for almost nothing.

Project via Ash @Ash and Crafts

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