Hurricane Danny & Hurricane Sandy? The Matching Names Of The Tropical Storms Go Together Like Danny Zuko & Sandra Dee

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, it seems like no coincidence that the National Hurricane Center named the latest storm working its way through the Atlantic Ocean "Hurricane Danny." Someone on the name-choosing committee must be a huge Grease fan. Sandy and Danny are one of the greatest movie couples of all time. Accidentally naming two storms after them without realizing it is almost as unbelievable as it would be to name two different storms "Romeo" and "Juliet." (FYI, Hurricane Romeo and Hurricane Juliet would be fantastic storm names.) Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Danny must be connected.

Hurricane Danny, the first Atlantic hurricane of 2015, was classified as a Category 1 storm on Thursday, and was more than 1,000 miles east of the easternmost Caribbean islands. The storm could reach the Leeward Islands by Monday, but it is then expected to weaken. Danny is fairly small, only extending 10 miles from its center of circulation on Thursday, when its maximum-sustained winds were 80 mph. The storm isn't really expected to reach the U.S., and it's too early to speculate about the potential damage to the Leeward Islands.

If Hurricane Danny is anything like Danny Zuko (and I think he is), it will get close to the one of the Leeward Islands, flirt with it a bit, but then back off. After some time has passed, it will return, but will be confused by how different the island is from the last time it visited. Hurricane Danny will eventually realize that it loves the island and doesn't want to harm it. There is also bound to be a dramatic dance number. Hopefully, Sandy and Danny go down in history as the most musically talented and rebellious hurricanes of all time.

Hurricane Sandy, though extremely destructive, inspired some great memes featuring Sandra Dee, and I expect no less from Hurricane Danny. Bring on the throwback John Travolta photos! At least the storm names provide a little comic relief during a scary and stressful time for those in the potential path of the hurricane. Maybe the official hurricane namers just want to make the storms less frightening. Whatever the reason behind the names, there are endless possibilities for Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Danny Grease references.

Excuse me while I go watch the movie now.

Images: Netflix/Paramount Pictures (1); QuickMeme (1)