Britney Spears' "Radar" Music Video Has Had Me Wondering These 13 Questions For The Last 6 Years

“Radar” by Britney Spears: The song so nice, it had to be included on not one, but TWO albums. Spears's 29th single first appeared on 2007's Blackout, was a bonus track on 2008's Circus, but didn't get its time in the sun until 2009. (And by "in the sun" I mean "on the radio.") Nearly two years after Blackout dropped, the bonafide jam was finally released as a single. And you better believe it got a music video. And you better believe the Dave Meyers-directed music video for "Radar" is a BEA-YOOT.

In the "Radar" vid, Brit Brit descends upon a very luxurious Santa Barbara palace dedicated to the sport of polo. Shortly after she arrives, she and a polo player make “I have a crush on you” eyes at each other. Oh, but there's a catch: Brit Brit’s dating another polo player. WHOOPSIES. Horse-arity ensues.

Listen. It is time. It is time that I get some very important questions off of my chest. It is time for me to share the questions that I have for this music video. The important, burning questions that have gnawed at me for the last six years. Ready? Let's do this.

Why Don’t I Have Pink French Tips Right Now?

What’s Growing Out Of That Horse’s Face/Neck Area?

Oh, Are Those Human Legs? I’m Pretty Sure Those Are Human Legs. WHEW.

Are These The Cutest Binoculars In The History Of Binoculars?

Can I Have This Necklace?

Why Am I Laughing So Hard At This Horse Shower?

Is Brit Brit The Queen Of The Polo Field?

Is That Rattan Chair The Queen Of The Polo Field's Throne?

Is This Scrunchie/Sunhat Combo Too Much?

Or Is This Scrunchie/Sunhat Combo Just Right? (Answer: OF COURSE IT'S JUST RIGHT)

Has Anyone Ever Looked More Glamorous While Applauding?

Did He Just Drop An F Bomb?

Are These Shoes Comfy Or No?

Confidence is a must. Comfiness is a plus. You're on my radar, shoes. You're on my radar.

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