Betty Wins A Settlement Over Gus' Death On 'The Astronaut Wives Club' & Her Fight Is Inspiring

If you're still reeling over Gus Grissom's death a few weeks back, trust me when I say you are by far not the only one. But as much as we're all hurting, poor Betty Grissom is hurting a thousand times worse. However, being the wonderful person that she is, Betty was able to channel all that grief in a very productive way during Thursday night's finale of The Astronaut Wives Club . After seeing Apollo 11 land on the moon and reflecting on all that was lost to get there, Betty decided to sue the company that built the capsule that was responsible for Gus' death. She wanted them to own up to their actions and admit that they were at fault.

And like everything this woman has set her mind to throughout the season, she won with flying colors. The company paid a settlement not just to her, but also to the two other widows who's lives had been turned upside down on that tragic day. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that Gus is gone. No settlement or amount of money could ever make what happened OK. But because Betty wasn't afraid to take a stand, there's a very good chance that something like this won't ever happen again. So, in a way, she has probably saved someone else's Gus, thus making his death not in vain. And it's all thanks to the fact that this astronaut wife refused to keep her mouth shut.

These women have faced some serious struggles throughout the season, but I'd argue that Betty has suffered the most. She lost her husband and her best friend. But as heartbreaking as the experience was, it turned out to make her all the more stronger because of it. We could all learn to take a page out of this lady's inner-strength book. The guys may wear the uniforms, but to me, the ladies are the true heroes of this show. So if that was the point of the show, I'd say mission accomplished.

Image: Cook Allender/ABC