Are Christine From 'Big Brother 16' & Her Husband Still Together? Don't Worry, Cody Didn't Ruin Anything

Remember back in the day when people weren't concerned about Austin and Liz's showmance, but were more concerned about the friendship stylings of Cody and Christine from Big Brother 16 ? Well, during Thursday's live eviction show — which is where we said goodbye to Becky — we learned that Zingbot will be returning to Big Brother next year and will probably tear into our innocent little houseguests. But would any of the zings be as harsh compare to the Cody zing about his only enemy being Christine Brecht's husband?

We were reminded of the zing during the live show on Thursday. The zing, which complimented Cody for not making any enemies during the season — EXCEPT FOR CHRISTINE'S HUSBAND... ZIIIING — caused Christine to get pretty upset about what was being said about her friendship with Cody.

But, as we know, nothing was happening between Cody and Christine. A year later, Christine is still married to her husband Tim, and as far as I'm concerned, they seem pretty happy together. At least from the look of social media — which, if you can't trust the Internet, who can you trust? Here's a recent Vine of Christine and her husband that should absolutely confirm that they are A-OK.

And in case that wasn't enough confirmation of how in love these two are, here's a few more pieces of evidence.

When They Timehop-ed Their Love

This photo of them was from four years ago! Four! There's no way Cody could get in between that.

When Her Husband Found Out You Can Zoom On Video

If you let your husband post a quick zoom in, zoom out video, you know you're the real deal.

When They Enjoyed A Cloudy Day

I'm sure it was sunny in their hearts (sorry, so lame).

When They Were Team Steve

I can't imagine he's an easy person to root for inside the Big Brother 17 house, so they must have a strong relationship.

So you see you guys, they're doing just fine. Not even a ridiculously attractive New Jersey boy can get in between these two lovebirds.

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Image: CBS