Is 'Big Brother's Christine Cheating With Cody?

If you think about it superficially — and isn't that the only way to think about anything related to Big Brother ? — Christine Brecht and Cody Calafiore make an unlikely duo. Christine is now the sole quirky nerdy girl in the house, and Cody is an athlete and model. However, the two have not only been alliance partners since Day One, but they have also struck up quite the affectionate friendship with each other, which has made some question whether or not Christine is cheating on her husband with Cody.

Now we haven't seen any concrete evidence that this is really happening. There hasn't been any kissing or hooking up or anything remotely close to that. However, many Big Brother fans have noticed that Christine and Cody like to cuddle, hug, stroke each other's arms, and do other types of touching of that nature. Whether or not these are actions you would do with a friend versus a lover is subjective. Some have given the relationship the moniker "Codine," because all Big Brother relationships need to have a name. Perhaps the potentially harmful effects of the drug that this name references is telling of the potential negative consequences of this relationship on Christine's real-life marriage.

However, in the Big Brother house where CBS purposefully casts extroverts, that's usually just how the houseguests interact with one another. Season after season, people sleep in the same beds or chill out on the hammock or even take bubble baths together, and there's nothing romantic about it. That's just their personalities. I'm sure CBS encourages that type of behavior too for its entertainment value.

But beyond the viewers at home who seemingly know everything that's going on in the Big Brother house, even the houseguests have started to notice Christine's potentially inappropriate closeness with Cody. Before Nicole was evicted on last Thursday night's episode, she made a few comments to Victoria about Christine and Cody's relationship. She said she thought they had a clandestine marriage because of how they act with one another. She also speculated that they have some sort of Final Two deal. "The way she always acts with Cody freaks me out too kinda, because if you're married I would never act like she acts," Nicole said during last Thursday night's episode. "And I'm not even married, and I wouldn't do that."

Nicole's remarks could have been fueled by a few things. For one, they came after Christine nominated her to take Zach's spot on the block after the Power of Veto competition, so it's possible that Nicole was just hitting Christine where it hurts. The comments could also have been fueled by jealousy. Nicole was pretty tight with Cody early on in the game, and then he started spending more time with her fellow four-eyed friend. Nicole may be offended at Christine's behavior just because she wishes she was in her position.

However, recent events show that Christine may feel remorse over her relationship with Cody, which makes me wonder if she does have feelings for him beyond just being friends. There are SPOILERS ahead.

Zingbot visited the houseguests this week, and as he always does, said some pretty hurtful things about them for our enjoyment. Apparently, the robot said something about the PDA between Christine and Cody. Christine was devastated by this "joke," crying and saying that it was in poor taste for Zingbot to bring up their relationship. Derrick suggests that she ask the producers to not air the segment, which is probably not going to happen now that Christine has reacted this way. After the Zingbot's zings, Christine read her HoH letter from her husband in which he asked her not to forget about him, and she felt guilty for how she has acted with Cody. However, it appears that Christine and Cody have continued their usual cuddling.

Christine was nominated for eviction this week, but she won the Battle of the Block, although it looks like the plan was for her to throw the competition. Now Cody and Caleb are on the block, and Christine is probably pretty concerned that one of her best friends and alliance members in the house could be leaving soon. Oh, and she's also worried about her marriage surviving this show. Christine's husband watches the live feeds, and he continually tweets about how much he loves his wife. Well, that's at least a bit of weight lifted off of Christine's shoulders.

Image: CBS; son-ofa-mumford, headofhouseholds/Tumblr