Sushi Cupcakes Are A Delicious Daydream Come To Life, And You Can Make Your Own At Home — VIDEO

I always imagined utopia as a place where we ate solely sushi and cupcakes, but today my idea of utopia changes. While I am still hell bent on Chris Pratt being there to braid my hair and Taylor Swift on retainer to narrate my life through song, it turns out I won't be needing those sushi and cupcakes — at least, not now that cupcakes made out of sushi exist. They're actually officially called "Temarizushi Cupcakes and Soy Sauce Foam Espuma," and their magic comes to us by way of the Mosogourmet YouTube channel. Mark today on your calendars, fellow humans, because this is the day you start living your best life FOR REAL.

The arguably best thing about these cupcakes is that they're hella easy to make yourself. In fact, after the hot mess that was my attempt to make sushi last year, I'd argue that this is miles easier and possibly even more delicious than that. The "cupcake wrappers" are made out of seaweed Nori cups, which you can either get at a specialty market or make yourself with a specialty mold. After you prepare your rice balls to your sushi standards, SHAZAM, you are a wizard sushi cupcake maker and all your friends think you can adult much harder than you actually can. Here's some insight to the process:

Start With A Nori Cup

An adorable bottomless pit of possibility.

Prepare Your Rice Balls


Note to self: learn things about making rice that doesn't come from Uncle Ben.

Plop The Rice Balls Into The Cupcake Wrappers

Once you get the obligatory ten Insta pics, the only thing left to do is ...



Sharing is caring. But it's also for the weak, and everyone else can make their own damn sushi cupcakes.

MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ on YouTube

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