Jason Dohring's Facebook Chat Was Amazing

It's hard to believe that Veronica Mars went off the air more than eight years ago. In my mind, that feels like just yesterday, but thankfully things like reruns and streaming exist to continue feeding my addiction. Obviously I'm not alone in this, considering that rumors are STILL flying around about the possibility of a Season 4, and fans are just as passionate as ever about the show. Thankfully, little things always seem to come up to keep the love for the show fresh, like on Friday, August 21, 2015, when Jason Dohring — also known as Logan Echolls, the bad boy you know you loved to hate (or was it hate to love?) — hit up Facebook for a fan Q&A that completely made my day/week/life.

While he was only around for 30 minutes, Dohring managed to answer some pressing questions that I think most of us have wondered at one time or another, from Veronica and Logan's future prospects to his favorite episode from throughout the series. Basically, the Q&A session wasn't nearly long enough, but given that it's a treat for fans to get something like this so long after Veronica Mars went off the air is a gift in itself, so we'll have to take what we can get.

Here are some Dohring's best quotes from the event, though it was hard to pick just 7, considering he had so much good stuff to say.

"There's a certain type of person who watches this show — smart, clever."

Oh, how you flatter us! When ending his Q&A session, Dohring took time to thank fans for showing up and continuing to care about the show even in 2015. "I'm just so happy that I've been able to share this experience with everybody who have enjoyed Veronica Mars, and seeing the show live on. I'm so happy to meet people who appreciate it," he wrote.

"I'm trying to plant 200 trees at my house, I have dirt under my nails right now!"

One fan was curious as to what Dohring liked to do during his spare time while shooting Veronica Mars, and the answer was likely a shock to anyone reading! "Strangely enough, I got into gardening," he wrote. He also revealed that he's building a chicken coop on his property this week. Who knew he had such a green thumb?

"I think Kristen stole everything!"

Taken out of context, this could be pretty bad. Luckily, it was in response to a question about whether or not Dohring had kept any souvenirs from the set. "I think I have souvenirs from fans, which is really cool," he explained. "Someone gave me a pirate treasure chest. I wanted to keep the leather jacket, but I heard it ended up in a Warner Bros. museum!" Pretty cool, right? Now I want to know what Kristen took!

"Kristen Saran wrapped Ryan's toilet seat!"

Asked whether there were any crazy stories from the set, Dohring revealed that Kristen Bell was an A+ prankster and went for the classic plastic wrap on the toilet seat gag, making Ryan Hansen her victim. Now that's something I would have paid to see!

"I went to buy some copper piping at one point and a 40 year old guy was like, 'Me and my wife have seen every episode!'"

No doubt Dohring has met thousands of fans over the years, but surely he's had some experiences that were more interesting than others or that still stick out in his memory? "Yeah! I think some of the best ones is when you get an 80 year old women coming up to you and saying she loves Veronica Mars," he recalled. "You get fans from all walks of life."

"I always love playing the bad guy."

Logan was a bad boy, sure, but he was a bad boy with heart. But if Dohring could have played any other character, who would it have been? "Dick Casablancas. He's so fun! He was what Logan used to be in Season 1," he wrote. Touche!

"It's a tight family, we all sort of grew up together."

We all want to believe that the casts of our favorite TV shows are actually as tight in real life as they are on screen, and that seems to be the case with Veronica Mars. Asked if he's still close with his co-stars, Dohring enthusiastically responded, "Yeah! Pretty much all of them. We'll do charity events together, we've gone on skiing vacations with Kristen and Ryan. We all have families now so we have BBQs and all that. It was all of our first real show. We were all out of high school, away from our families in San Diego." Music to my ears!

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