Why Your Single Friends Can Teach You

Going from single to coupled up often means a total lifestyle makeover. Everything from your sleep schedule to your sex and eating habits can change on a dime when you bring a new S.O. into your life, and it can also change how you socialize, too. Although there's bound to be an increase in couples hangs, it should go without saying not to bail on your single friends just because you're currently submerged in romantic bliss. Conventional wisdom (aka Charlotte from Sex and the City) suggests that being around couples can help you get into a relationship yourself if you're single, but there's also a benefit to hanging out with your single friends when you're in a couple.

Depending on your single friends' personalities and level of emotional maturity, they are may be jealous, annoyed, thrilled or some combination of the three when they find out about your new relationship. Likewise, once that new relationship energy has worn off, you might also have a mixture of those same feelings when you see your single friends living their lives unencumbered by another person's needs, wants, and expectations. Here are five reasons to you keep your single friends close, especially when you're attached at the hip with some hot new stunner.

1. They Remind You To Appreciate What You Have

You shouldn't use someone else's bummer to boost your morale, but if your single friends can teach you anything, it's how to appreciate a good thing when you have it. Complaining about small stuff is easy, but listening to un-partnered friends talk about how hard it is to find a worthwhile person to be with can sometimes make you rethink petty relationship grievances.

2. They Inspire Higher Standards

On the flip side, seeing your single friends pass up OK options to hold out for something better is a perfect reminder that you shouldn't stay in your relationship if it's not working, either.

3. Their Sexploits Are Hella-Entertaining

If you're in a monogamous relationship, you probably don't have too many crazy hookup stories to share with your friends, but your single ladies likely have a tale or two to titillate you — which could even make for some hot pillow talk between you and your S.O., later...

4. They Keep You From Perpetual Sweatpants-Mode

Every relationship gets to that comfortable spot where leaving the house seems more exhausting than a 10K because it's far more fun to snuggle up and binge-watch House of Cards. That phase is cool and all, but showering, dressing up, and going out with your single friends every once in a while keeps you from getting stuck in hermit mode.

5. They Remind You That Your Relationship Status Doesn't Define You

Defining yourself based upon your romantic proximity with another human only diminishes your individual worth in the end. People in relationships and people flying solo can help remind each other of this important fact, which is why we should keep the lines of communication open and not abandon friendships just because someone's relationship status shifts.

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