5 Summer Trends That Work For Fall, Because Neon Is Great No Matter The Season

Like the oft-repeated "no white after Labor Day" rule, there are certain guidelines for seasonal dressing. From changing color palettes to new shoe styles, there are some things that aren't seen as cold-weather appropriate. Well, to that I say, let's break the rules the year by rocking summer trends for fall!

Now, I'm not encouraging walking around in bikinis all year or trudging through the snow rocking flip-flops, but I'm all for not letting someone else's fashion rules run my life. Do you love maxi dresses? Wear them year round. Do you hate having to hang up your favorite oversized hat come September? Don't. It's that simple!

If there are certain pieces of clothing or an accessory that make you feel great, keep rocking them all year round. The easiest way to do this is by pairing your warm-weather favorites with a few fall staples. By giving your favorite summer items a fall-appropriate styling update, you'll get a new take on a classic and still get to wear what you love. Not sure how to bring the summer sunshine with you into the fall? Check out these five ways to take some of your favorite styles with you as the temps cool down.

1. Crop Tops


It's never too late in the year to wear a crop top. Nailing this look is all about the accessories. Pair the crop top with a jean jacket or a heavy sweater and you're on your way to outfit success.

2. Neon Colors


Don't give up your favorite brights just because the sun's not shining as much. Create your own rays by wearing neon accessories.

3. Maxi Skirts


Maxi skirts are super easy to turn into a cold-weather look. Just throw on a leather jacket or cozy sweater for an easy outfit that will keep you warm.

4. Oversized Fedora


Use this accessory to make a statement this fall. A grey or brown oversized fedora can come with you no matter the weather.

5. Open-Toe Shoes


Ease into fall fashion by keeping those open-toe shoes in your wardrobe rotation. Cutouts are a great way to make this style a little edgier.

There are no rules when it comes to personal style! Why not rock your summer faves this fall?

Images: Polyvore (5)