16 Foods You Should Totally Stuff With Cheese

If you have ever wondered how to improve upon a recipe or a specific food, you can probably use this simple tip: stuff it with cheese. The magical dairy food that is cheese makes literally everything better, especially when it's warm and melted. While this concept is nothing new, I bet there are still a few foods you didn't know you could stuff with cheese to make a really delicious meal.

You know about the usual cheese-stuffed suspects: cheesy bread, jalapenos, potatoes, chicken, pizza crust, meatloaf, mushrooms, and even hamburgers (putting the cheese in the middle of the meat instead of on top of it forever changed barbecues). But these aren't the only foods you should be filling with your favorite kind of cheese, and the other options are probably things you've never really thought about.

I searched the Internet to make your life better, and more cheese-filled (and, um, I'm actually starving now). Here are 16 foods you didn't know you could stuff with cheese that will change everything. Eat them as appetizers, dinner, fourth meal, lunch, snacks... whenever you want. These look so good that they will make you want to go crazy and start stuffing everything with cheese.

1. Cornbread Muffins

Cheese sounds great on top of cornbread muffins, but have you ever thought about putting it inside? Keep your muffins fancy by stuffing them with ricotta and mascarpone, or just fill them with cheddar.

2. Waffles

Is there anything you can't do with waffles? Fill them with cheese and herbs for a savory meal.

3. Fried seaweed

Does seaweed and cheese sound like a terrible combo? Maybe, but not when you add the fried part into the mix.

4. Doritos

The only way to make Doritos better than they already are is to deep fry them and add cheese.

5. Shrimp

I'm really not sure how this works, but it definitely sounds delicious.

6. Lobster

Make a lobster dinner more savory by stuffing the tail with cheese. *heart eyes emoji*

7. Croissants

Use Pillsbury crescent roll dough, and add lots of cheese for a fast and easy snack.

8. Avocado

You don't need to add anything to an avocado to make it better... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't add cheese.

9. Hot Dogs

Why put cheese on top of a hot dog when you could put it inside a hot dog?

10. Olives

I'm not saying it's easy to stuff a tiny olive with cheese, but I am saying it's worth it.

11. Zucchini

Scoop out the insides of a zucchini, throw some sauce in there, add lots of cheese, and maybe some pepperoni... bam. Pizza. Kind of.

12. Pretzels

You know that you can dip pretzels in cheese. But stuffing them with cheese is way better.

13. Bell Pepper

Look at this quick and delicious snack: little cheese sticks in a pepper. Stick it in the broiler to make it even better.

14. Pork

If you can stuff chicken cutlets with cheese, then why shouldn't you stuff pork cutlets with cheese?

15. Meatballs

The lesson here is that you should never put cheese on top of something when it could be melted inside something.

16. Scones

Sure, fruit scones are great. But cheese scones? Even better.

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Images: Joy The Baker