Was Dave Coulier On 'Saturday Night Live'? 'Full House' Came Along At The Perfect Time

At the start of Lifetime's The Unauthorized Full House Story, Dave Coulier is cast on Saturday Night Live and then cut before he even has a chance to appear on the show. Eventually this allowed him to be free for Full House, which worked out for everyone because can you really imagine the show without Coulier playing Uncle Joey? But, since this movie is unauthorized it made me wonder, was Dave Coulier actually slated to appear on Saturday Night Live?

According to an exclusive interview Coulier gave Lumino, the Saturday Night Live bit is not a plot device that was added to the Lifetime movie for dramatic effect. Coulier successfully auditioned for Saturday Night Live — but a change in management at NBC ended his stint before it even began. The executives decided he was too similar to series regular Dana Carvey. Coulier told Lumino:

Bustle reached out to NBC about the casting decision way back in the '80s, but did not receive a response in time for publication. But, if true we really can thank those at NBC for giving us the man we now know as our beloved Uncle Joey!

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