Never one to follow fashion rules, Rihanna went without pants on Aug. 22, making a case for wearing whatever feels right to you at the moment. Since Rihanna is a style icon who has a penchant for the bold, brazen, and wildly playful, this type of ensemble probably doesn't surprise anyone, but it certainly has the potential to impress. You have to admire a woman who not only opts for avant garde pieces, but who then goes to style them in unexpected and nontraditional ways.

While a majority of us might feel a little uncomfortable purposely opting to forget our bottoms on Saturday night before heading out to an evening of cocktails and taxi rides, Rihanna proves that it's not that intimidating at all. If you gather enough confidence to try the look, you might just realize it's hella hot.

RiRi was spotted with a sporty zip-up hoodie featuring garter belt-like strings, opting to style the look with nothing but strappy sandals, purple lipstick, and a lunchbox-like case. When Ri does something bold, she seriously does it all the way.

Want some of the 27-year-old musician's unabashed styling to rub off on you? Below are three ways you can copy the look so you can go out next weekend pants-less and completely fabulous, too.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Dress Shirt Dresses

White Seam Detail Shirt Dress, $99,; Shirt Dress With Pocket, $63,

Investing in a baggy, borrowed-this-from-my-man kind of shirt dress is a great way to go sans pants. Just opt for one with long sleeves that are a bit oversized and a wide hem a that skims mid-thigh.

2. Chambray Shirt Dress

Denim Shirt Dress, $27,; Over Sized Chuck On Shirt Dress, $69,

If you want something a little more casual than a dress shirt, try a baggy chambray shirt dress instead. It looks extra chic when paired with booties. Just try to keep the hem hovering above the knee to give you that, "Rats, I forgot my pants," vibe.

3. Sweater Dresses

Sweater Dress With Zip Funnel neck, $81,; Captain Graphic Hooded Dress, $22.90,

Not entirely too comfortable looking half nakey? Go with a sweater dress, where the cozy, thick top half takes the focus off of your bare legs. The baggier and shorter the piece, the better.

Until the day when it's socially acceptable to forgo pants altogether, these pieces will see you through.

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