See What Lady Gaga Wore To Babs' Dinner Party

The Saturday dinner party is not a lost or antiquated social art... at least not among celebs. Lady Gaga attended Barbra Streisand's dinner party wearing an off-white, lacy dress, big hair, and extreme winged eyeliner. She looked like she came hurling out of the '60s, and beautifully so. The hostess, also a style and singing icon, went au naturel, with her usually straight hair hanging in gorgeous, loose waves and without a lick of makeup on her face! Gaga and Babs were an exercise in contrasts, but they complemented one another perfectly.

Other Streisand dinner party guests included John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston and Mother Monster's American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy. Of course Streisand's husband James Brolin was also in attendance at this intimate and A-list soiree.

Gaga's cream-colored dress featured an embroidered top and revealing bottoms, which actually looked a lot like pants. She wore her platinum locks in a half-up, half-down beehive. The presentation was very mod but stunning. Her thick, extended black liner kept this retro look feeling current.

She and Streisand posed from the side, showing off their unique and stunning profiles. Check out Streisand, an OG diva if there ever was one! Her beauty was amplified by her bedhead and her bare-faced look.

I can't help but think that a beautiful duet could come out of this hang sesh — Gaga and Babs are just so in synch in this snap.

Here's the whole crew... surrounded by books. You can see that Gaga's ensemble is long and ethereal, perfect for a late summer gathering. It was also see-through, like the bell-bottomed jumpsuit she wore on a plane earlier this summer.

Streisand also got in on the social shares of this fabulous get together.

Gaga has been rocking extreme, winged liner in 2015, so much so that it has seemed like she is channelling the late, great Amy Winehouse. Here are nine other times Lady Gaga did an amazing winged eye and a flick in 2015.

Red lips and extreme cat eye liner were so Gaga x Old Hollywood!

A glam diva! Those lashes, though. They gave off the appearance of cat eye.

Gaga mixed a smoky x smudgy eye with a flick in this messy but sexy look.

The singer was upward bound here. You almost miss the drama of her winged liner due to all her dual row brow bling.

Gaga rocked red wings here... along with a massive bun. Her dinner party look was a toned down take on these elements. Isn't it funny how beauty recycles itself, isn't it?

In Gaga's world, "the thicker the better" is her mantra when it comes to black liquid lines!

It's hard to top this look, which was heavy on the liner, the shadow, the lashes, and the brows. The whole eye area is focused upon.

Clearly, 2015 is the year of winged, extended liner for Lady Gaga.

Lastly, this soft winged style was likely created using a shadow and buffing it out. Different product, similar effect — all beautiful.

Thanks, Gaga, for all the new eye makeup ideas. Oh, and Babs? I'm free next Saturday.